Friday, January 24, 2014

The Fam Goes to Houston

So if you read my sister's blog or my cousin Erika's blog then you have probably already seen a lot of these pictures, sorry!!

Last week was the trip to Houston for the Siesta Sister Memory Verse Conference! All year long ALL of the girls in my family memorized bible verses.  Then if you posted your verses that was your ticket into the conference!  6 out of the 11 of us were able to go and it was so much fun!! 

I flew down earlier than my family to visit Lily.  So then on Thursday Erika and sweet little Bowen picked me up from Lily's apartment.  We ran some errands, Tab (Erika's hubby) took us to lunch, and then we went to Ebby Lee's gymnastics class while we waited for the others to get into town. Ebby Lee was so precious.   Watch out--she might be the next Shawn Johnson...well maybe. :) Once the girls in the fam made it we ate some soup Erika had made and just relaxed. We watched some TV before heading to bed at like 8:30???? And yes all the girls in my family also watch Young and the Restless. It's just something we do.

Sweet Bowen. I said smile and he did! What??? ha!

I see a gold medal in her future.

Watching Young and the Restless :)

Friday we headed to Houston and did a little shopping and ate some delicious meals! Saturday was the conference and it was SOOO GOOD! We had some great music and Beth Moore speaking was awesome.  She is hilarious but also such a woman of faith at the same time.  It was awesome to hear her pray and it was so POWERFUL!  We all had such a great time. After the conference was over we headed back to Dallas and then on Sunday I rode with my fam back to Cape.  I don't even want to count the number of hours I was in a car that weekend! But I also don't remember the last time I laughed that hard.  When my grandma, mom, Aunt Tina, and us cousins get together you never know what is going to happen! Ah!

Such a fun girls trip! Can't wait for many more!

Eating at Cheesecake Factory. Looking at this pic is making me crave that salad!!

Erika, my grandam, and Aunt Tina

Going to the conference!

My mom and Beth Moore, this picture will be treasured forever :)

So awesome! Everybody with their memory verses!

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  1. So glad you had a good time. Obviously we are both tired of being in the cold.