Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Going Away Dinner :(

Monday night was my going away dinner with work friends. These friends have become some of my best friends and I am truly going to miss them! I loved my job but I think I really loved my job because of the people I worked with. I worry that I won't find that again in a new job but I know God has a plan. Anywho back to the farewell dinner..

We ate at Saint Anejo and it was delicious! I had my last day of work last Friday and then we had all planned on eating on Monday night. A couple girls came after work and some left there Memorial Day BBQ's to come and sweet are they?? We had so much fun eating and hanging out and it was a pretty sad goodbye. I know I will see them again soon! Its only a 2 and a half hour drive!

Girls--thanks for all of the great memories at work and for all the fun times we had! You made living a Nashville a blast! Love you all!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This is a joke right....My name is Curtis Jenkins...and I have two forms of ID

Last Wednesday Curt was suppose to take his NAPLEX. Well long story short he didn't get to because he signed up as Curtis Jenkins and his drivers license says Curtis Michael Jenkins. How ridiculous. The worst part was that a nursing student was there to take the NCLEX and she started freaking out when they turned Curt away because she didn't put her middle name on her testing thing. But they told her...."O its ok for the NCLEX, just not the NAPLEX." What????? Anyway Curt was super prepared and ready to take it and he didn't get to :( He was so heart was breaking for him! 

So to cheer him up what did we do??? Play mini golf of course!

We didn't know when Curt would be able to take the test again and that had him worried but he got the go ahead and was able to resign up for the test. He takes it Saturday June 7 at 2:45 pm. So put it in your calendar and pray!!! He takes it in Decatur, AL which actually works out well because we will continue our drive after to Gulf Shores to spend the next week at the beach! Yahoo!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lets Get Crafty...

I had a couple days off last week during the week so Curt and I headed to Cape to hang out with the fam. It was the last trip we will make to Cape with only a 3.5 hour drive. Nooooooo!!! Hahah! Curt studied. A lot. And I got crafty :)

Mom, Whit, and I had bought these picture frame/initial things unfinished at the flea market. I brought it so we could paint and finish them. Mom and I had fun doing it! The next night Whit taught us how to make her famous cookies! Lets just say it does require a lot of steps and she definitely needs to be charging more. But it was super fun to learn and I would say I wasn't terrible for my first time!

My first attempt. Not too terrible :) Clearly I forgot to take a picture and had already taken a bite. Whoops!
Amanda I know I can get a lot better. A cookie business may be in our near future :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sweet Honeymoon Friends

When Curt and I went on our honeymoon, we sat next to this guy on the airplane who looked about Curt's age. He was holding a cup of coffee and immediately fell asleep. Curt and I wondered if we should grab the cup so it didn't spill or wake him up??? But I did not want spilled coffee all over me, ha! Well, he actually held that coffee the entire time and managed to sleep a couple of hours. Impressive. When he woke up that is how we broke the ice, ha!

Long story short, him and his wife (Patrick and Caitlin), got married the same day we did, live in Nashville, and Caitlin is a nurse at Centennial. Can you say God's work was in that meeting or what???!! We had so much fun getting to know them on the honeymoon and even planned a zip-lining course to do together on the honeymoon. We exchanged numbers and have hung out ever since in Nashville and Caitlin pretty much got me a job at Centennial. Yahoo!

Last Monday Patrick and Caitlin took us to dinner at The Southern (woah fancy!) in honor of Curt graduating and us moving away. They are too sweet!!!! We have loved getting to know them and they have become some of our greatest friends! Who knew you could meet friends in Antigua :) We are truly going to miss them but know that they will always have a place to stay in Knoxville when they come for UT games! Love you guys so much!


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Yes, You May Now Call Him Dr. Jenkins

Just kidding....but seriously... 

Curt graduated Pharmacy School two weekends ago and is officially a doctor of pharmacy!!!! Yahoo!!!!! I am so proud of him!!

Curt's parents, grandma, sister (her husband and their 2 kids), my parents, my sister (and her husband and their 2 girls) all made the trip!!!!! Friday morning we attended a pharmacy only graduation where they were all presented with their hoods and all the awards were handed out. Unfortunately, Curt did not win any but he did win "Best Sense of Humor Award" and "Person You'd Want to be Stranded on an Island With Award" the day before. I was waiting for them to announce that but it didn't happen, ha! Friday night we all headed to Puckett's Boathouse for a big family dinner congratulating Curt. It was great! Amanda (Curt's sister) and Whit both have 3 year olds. Mollie is about 6 months older than Brynn, but I was so excited for them to meet again. They had met each other once when we got married but were so young. They really hit it off and it was so fun to see them play together! Saturday morning we all got ready for Curt's real graduation. I believe when Curt was hooded there were tears from all of the parents, ha! I was about to get emotional but I held it together! It really was so neat to see Curt walk across the stage as a doctor of pharmacy! I am truly so proud of Curt!!! After graduation, we all got a bite to eat and ate outside. It was wonderful!!! 

After lunch everybody headed home. It was an absolute great weekend celebrating Curt's accomplishment. We are all so proud of him!!! Love you so much Curt!

Now keep studying hard and pass your boards!

Here is the weekend in pics..

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Week of Graduation...

Curt finally made it to the week of graduation!! (well that was 2 weeks ago...ha!)

Emily and Grant (who moved back to Kentucky already) stayed with us from Sunday to Thursday. It was just like old times. And it was great! I had to work Monday and Tuesday but I may have been sick on Wednesday so Em and I could hang!

Curt really enjoyed the week because all of his best friends were reunited and they got to spend the whole week together! We all ate dinner together, played volley tennis, played games, watched movies, and relaxed! It was great!

They got their grad gowns and loved them...

seriously they did...

Em and I got pedicures, manicures, and did a little shopping!

It was so much fun to hang out with Em for the day!! I really miss being able to do this all the time with her!

Em had to get a last few party supplies while we were out so we had to try these on!
 It was a great last week of graduation! After four long years, congrats Curt on making it!

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Nashville Country Music Half Marathon

Woah! It has been a busy last couple of weeks and I am behind on blogging!

So two weekends ago was finally our half marathon! The training seemed like forever...but we made it! Everybody was able to come in on Thursday evening, so we had a pretty long weekend together, it was great!

Friday morning we got up and headed to the Expo to pick up our race numbers and packets and to walk around and look at all of the running stuff.  At first Brynn was super timid but by the end was dancing around EVERYWHERE! It was hilarious!

After the Expo we got some lunch and then headed to the Nashville Flea Market (this might be one of my favorite things of Nashville!). I'm really gonna miss it...guess I'll have to come back and visit! We found some great deals and Whit even bought a table!

Whit had some friends visiting Nashville the same weekend so after the Flea Market we headed to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. I think at this point we realized we had been on our feet a bunch and were hoping we weren't too tired for the actual race, ha!

Clearly I did a horrible job taking pictures because I have none from Friday....

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to head to the start line for the race. Curt, mom, and dad dropped us off and I was going to run with my phone so we could stay in contact with them to figure out where we might see them!

Then we ran...

There were so many people!

Lined up waiting to starting

So happy to be running for the next 2 hours :)

Whit told me to take this pic because she thought it would be cool to see everybody's feet....not so cool huh whit?! haha

I think this is about mile 3....still feeling good!

Mile 6!

Loved the bands!

Whit taking a pic with Brynn while running :)

We had a lot of people to catch....

Mile 10 I think....we were starting to run out of gas...

WE FINISHED in just under 2 hours and 5 minutes! Yahooo!!!!!

As much as it was hard training and running for 2 hours straight, it really is such an awesome sense of accomplishment when you cross the finish line! So proud of us!

I think Brynn was proud of us...or maybe she just wanted to wear our medals, haha!
We took pics after the race, attempted to stretch, drank gatorade and then headed back to the apartment to RELAX!

Brynn played dress up...

What?? He wasn't the one suppose to be napping..that was suppose to be me!

Mom did give me a wonderful foot massage.....glorious.

Saturday afternoon Ryan, dad, and the girls headed home while Mom and Whit stayed for the concert! Saturday evening we ate at Whiskey Kitchen and then headed to Bridgestone Arena for the was the cast of Nashville....and it was great!

Broadway in the background!

The Nashville cast!! Guess you can't see much...haha