Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday Andrew

September 2 was Andrew's birthday and we celebrated that Friday. My dad came into town and Curt had to work until 9:00 on Friday night so Dad was my date! Andrew was so sweet to Dad and made him feel so welcome for coming to his party! Andrew is soo sweet and such a good kid! He also takes a really really looonnggggggg time opening presents, haha! Happy 8th Birthday Andrew! Hope you had a really great birthday and birthday party!

He is really into money right now so he can pick out his own presents! He was hilarious opening up the cash! Haha!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Introducing Caroline Elizabeth

August 30th was a really big day. Baby Caroline was born! She is an absolute beautiful baby!!!! And I think so far she is a pretty good baby. :) Congrats Beth and Ryan!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Jetta's got an ouchie :(

A couple of Friday nights ago I was driving home from Monica and Travis's apartment around 10:30 pm on the interstate. I saw break lights, and I stopped. Unfortunately the car behind me did not. It was not a very fun night to say the least. Thank you Jesus for keeping me safe! I totally see the importance of wearing your seat belt and WEARING IT THE CORRECT WAY!  It definitely held me in place. Unfortunately the car was not so is pretty banged up and I am still driving a rental. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next week!

The trunk came all the way level with the bumper, haha!

The BMW that hit me..I think they came out a bit worse..

Yay for insurance...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

COMO weekend!!!!!

I have not been back to Columbia, MO since I graduated college. I repeat--I have not been back to MIZZOU for over 2 years!!! Kelsie (one of my best friends from college) got married a couple of weekends ago so it was a great reason to finally get to visit! I had a fabulous time road tripping to Columbia with Lily, seeing one of my best friends get married, eating at some of the best restaurants, visiting with lots of friends, walking around Mizzou's campus, and visiting with lots of friends..did I mention that yet??!

Blastoff reunited!! Our first apartment together was 321 :)

Beautiful...Kelsie might be one of my most favorite brides to watch get married!

We loved the photo booth!

We found out the morning after the wedding that Kelsie and Caleb stayed at the same apartment complex that we were staying at. (thanks Olivia!) How funny!

I made a pitstop in Cape on the way home and got to spend the afternoon and bath night, haha! JK...but Brynn and Emory had a lot of attention, ha!

Love this girly!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Anniversary :)

Several weeks ago Mike and Debbie celebrated a BIG anniversary! LIKE 35 YEARS! Woah! Way to go! They are a great example of what an awesome marriage is and God is for sure the center of it! In honor of all of that we through them a Hawaii themed anniversary party! It was a lot of fun and I think they loved it!

Amanda and Clay also share the same anniversary so it was fun to celebrate with them too! They are pretty awesome as well :) Happy Anniversary Mike, Debbie, Amanda, and Clay!!!