Saturday, March 29, 2014


So currently I am at home on the couch with an awful cold...I believe courtesy of my dear sweet niece Brynn.  A couple days ago I was talking to my sister on the phone and I heard Brynn in the background telling mommy that her nose wasn't working. Unfortunately, my nose isn't working either now, haha!

Back to more important things, last Sunday was my birthday! It was an all around great day! We went to church, had a delicious home cooked meal with my favorites, visited my grandma in the nursing home, took a nap, watched UT play basketball, and had a BIRTHDAY TREASURE HUNT! I always joke with my sister that Brynn ruined my birthday because hers is now the day before but I actually think I get a few more perks. Now I get to be involved in fun stuff like TREASURE HUNTS!

My attempt at feeding Emory...I think I'm in need of some more practice!

After opening my gifts!

We had to decorate our loot bags!

Our first prize!

More silly faces!

Let me tell you, there were some good prizes, ha!

It was a fabulous 24th birthday! Thanks mom and dad (well and everybody!)  for making it so special! 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Part 3--Brynn's Birthday

Saturday morning we headed to St. Francis to set up for Brynn's Hello Kitty Party.  It was the perfect little party (well I guess it wasn't exactly little!) and Brynn had so much fun! Whit did such a good job with decorations and cookies! In case you didn't know, Whit has become quite the cookie decorating expert!

Love my sister!

Can you believe she made these!! How good is she??!!!

The family table!

The play area of the party...there were kids all over the place!!!

The kids loved the parachute part!!

He will never get used to taking pictures!! Just once I want him to say "hey lets take a fun pic for the blog" ahah!

Birthday girl and I :)

Sweet Emory

After the party, mom and I went and got a pedicure! It was wonderful! Must say I've never had a white male give me a pedicure!

I don't know...he might have had a small foot fetish?? 

Saturday night, we headed to Bella Italia for a special birthday dinner for Brynn and I! The last time I ate at this restaurant little did I know I was about to be engaged! And ironically on the way to Bella Italia Brynn asked where I got my "sparkly ring" and she wanted to try it on! 

Brynn was rocking the bling and loving it! When I showed Ryan the pic, I think he about fainted!

Bella Italia

She is really into making silly faces right now

At dinner Brynn saw these girls walking in and asked if the girl was Elsa from Frozen! She wanted her picture with
"the Princesses" So precious!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Part 2...Friday

Friday morning started with Whit and I putting on some warm clothes for our 7 mile run! It was so much fun getting to run with somebody I didn't even notice the ache in my hips/knees til after the run! Should I already have aches in my hips and knees???? haha!

After the run mom and I headed to get my haircut! I can't remember the last time I had a good hair cut! Since it was a birthday treat I even got it styled! Yahoo, thanks Mom!

Clearly I'm not very good at selfies

The weather was beautiful outside on Friday and we headed to the park with Whit and her friends for a little picnic lunch! 

After the park we headed back home to watch UT WIN and relax a bit! Yahoo!! Around 5, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Tina, Uncle Bruce, Jared, Kelly, and their kids came over and we all headed to a fish fry for dinner! Curt had never heard of these and thought it was the craziness thing..maybe it's a Missouri thing?? Anywho, Curt loved the fish! Afterwards, we all headed back to the house for some dessert and to hang out! Camden and Brynn were hilarious and somehow started doing magic tricks, it was great! It was a great evening hanging out with the family!

Kelly, me, and Whit

O Emory, when did she get so big!!

Camden and his magic trick!

Brynn was clearly shocked!

Brynn opened her present from us early!

I think she liked it :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Birthday Weekend Celebration Part 1..Thursday..yes there are going to be several posts, ha! :)

Curt somehow was off on Thursday and Friday before the weekend....soooo yahoo...we got to go to Cape early!!! We left Thursday morning and made our first stop in Benton, Kentucky to see Grant and Em's new house!! Their house is beautiful and they have put sooo much work in it! It was so fun to see...well and see them too :)

Thursday night we were able to all eat dinner together and then go see Whit and Ryan's house. Their basement concrete is poured and they have walls up downstairs! It was super exciting to see! You can't tell from the pictures but we had to walk on a super skinny wall to get down the was a little scary!! I think Brynn told us not to let her fall, ha!

Okay so not a ton went on on Thursday, but it was so great seeing the fam again. I don't think we had been back to Cape for a weekend since Christmas! Emory and Brynn looked so much bigger!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dad Drives the SEMO Tennis Team to Nashville

Last weekend Dad took the SEMO tennis girls on their trip to yay...that meant I got to hang out with him! And watch tennis :)

Saturday morning I got up and faithfully ran my miles since we are still training for the half marathon, showered, and then headed to the tennis courts to pick up Dad. We went to Starbucks for a fun coffee and treat and then headed back to watch the girls play against Belmont. It was pretty intense. A. Lot. Of. Yelling/Squeals/ComeOns. was great!

After the match ended we just hung out for a while (o yeah and went to Curt's work to help him jump his car because the battery died) and took a little nap. Saturday night we headed to Peter's Sushi and Thai for a delicious dinner!!! And of course we ate Thai because Mom wasn't there :)

Sunday Curt and I headed back to the tennis courts to watch the girls play another school and so we could see Dad one more time. It was great having you in Nashville for the weekend! Love you so much!

Our awesome meal coming to an end...

Love my dad so much :)

Had to get a pic of the three of us...and this was after several tries and Curt said no more...Dad-you look the best

Pinterest Told Me Too...don't you think Whit/Erika??

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Monumental Moment

Yesterday Curt came home from his rotation and brought me...

WOAH!!!! First time he has brought me flowers for no reason. And it was SOO SWEET!!! The weather was absolutely beautiful outside yesterday. He said on his drive home the weather was just gorgeous and he saw 2 old people walking and holding hands and it just made him want to get me flowers??? haha..I don't know if that is a good thing because he already thinks of me as 70?? hahahaha! was so sweet and thoughtful. He is a pretty darn good husband :) Thanks honey!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NashVegas BFF

Last Thursday, Emily, my NashVegas BFF :)  came into town! (Em and Grant moved back to Kentucky in January. Grant is finishing up his pharmacy rotations there.) We were so sad when they moved back but I have enjoyed when Em makes trips back to Nashville for work! She came over after work and had dinner and hung out for a while! We had a lot to catch up on!! I don't think Curt got to many words in, haha! Thanks for visiting Em! You are welcome ANYTIME! Love you! ...I just realized that was a lot of exclamation points..but you deserve them :)

Comfy clothes...just like our usual dinner nights used to be :)

Em showing me pictures of their new house that they have been updating for a couple months! Ok this might have been staged but we really did look at a lot of pics on her phone!

Remember when Curt couldn't smile on Valentine's Day....this is our attempt at a reenactment, haha!

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Past Week...

This past week a lot went on, well kind of..and I worked..and I took a total of two pictures. Fail.

Anywho, last Tuesday my parents came and visited for a day and a half. It was wonderful! They got in Tuesday afternoon and I cooked for them! They loved my creamy chicken tacos! After dinner we went out for some frozen yogurt, played games, hung out and watched The Private Lives of Nashville Wives. I was so excited about this show and it was a TOTAL LETDOWN. So bad :( O well, it was worth a try!

Wednesday we got up and did some shopping around Nashville and ate lunch at Newk's! We came back and relaxed while we waited for Curt to get done with his rotation, ate a little dinner and then they headed back to Cape Wednesday night. O and mom made us go to the store and buy all of the natural Cheetos because they don't have them in Cape. Slightly embarrassing, ha! But I was sad to see them go! Love you guys! Thanks for visiting!

Thursday I worked.
Friday I worked.
Saturday I worked. BUT when I got off I met up with Curt and some of our friends and we went to an engagement party for one of Curt's pharmacy friends! The evening turned out to be super fun!

Sunday we went to church, trained for the half marathon, and relaxed! That evening we made taco soup and our friends came over to watch the Oscars. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures!! Fun night!

And finally today, we (and by we, I mean Curt) scraped off ice for about 30 minutes! But Curt did get to have a snow day so that was a plus! Yay!

Yep that was our week! We look forward to the next one :)