Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NashVegas BFF

Last Thursday, Emily, my NashVegas BFF :)  came into town! (Em and Grant moved back to Kentucky in January. Grant is finishing up his pharmacy rotations there.) We were so sad when they moved back but I have enjoyed when Em makes trips back to Nashville for work! She came over after work and had dinner and hung out for a while! We had a lot to catch up on!! I don't think Curt got to many words in, haha! Thanks for visiting Em! You are welcome ANYTIME! Love you! ...I just realized that was a lot of exclamation points..but you deserve them :)

Comfy clothes...just like our usual dinner nights used to be :)

Em showing me pictures of their new house that they have been updating for a couple months! Ok this might have been staged but we really did look at a lot of pics on her phone!

Remember when Curt couldn't smile on Valentine's Day....this is our attempt at a reenactment, haha!

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