Monday, March 24, 2014

Birthday Weekend Celebration Part 1..Thursday..yes there are going to be several posts, ha! :)

Curt somehow was off on Thursday and Friday before the weekend....soooo yahoo...we got to go to Cape early!!! We left Thursday morning and made our first stop in Benton, Kentucky to see Grant and Em's new house!! Their house is beautiful and they have put sooo much work in it! It was so fun to see...well and see them too :)

Thursday night we were able to all eat dinner together and then go see Whit and Ryan's house. Their basement concrete is poured and they have walls up downstairs! It was super exciting to see! You can't tell from the pictures but we had to walk on a super skinny wall to get down the was a little scary!! I think Brynn told us not to let her fall, ha!

Okay so not a ton went on on Thursday, but it was so great seeing the fam again. I don't think we had been back to Cape for a weekend since Christmas! Emory and Brynn looked so much bigger!

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