Monday, June 30, 2014

Swimming with Amelia and Dollywood.

Whew! I am way behind so this happened about 2 weeks ago!

Amelia, my sweet little niece, loves the water!!! She will just lay in the water and splash and splash and splash! I played in the water with her and we had soooo much fun! We also got in the big pool, which was freezing cold, but I did it for her, ha! AND unfortunately, I don't have any of those pics! Bummer!

Later in the week Curt, Debbie, Mike, Beth, Amelia, and I headed to Dollywood for a fun little afternoon! I had never been to Dollywood until this year, but it is pretty darn fun! I haven't gotten to churn butter there yet but maybe one day..... ha!

They keep the car soooo cold I have to sleep like this. :)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Elvis Costello Live in Concert

Friday night we headed with Hollis (Curt's college friend) and Neely (his wife) to see Elvis Costello in concert at the Tennessee Theater! Neely has some sort of job in the music business. I'm not sure exactly what, but it sounds pretty cool! She was able to get these tickets for free so we thought why not?!

I text my dad that we were at his concert and he said he was a huge fan! I think I knew only one song, ha! But it was fun to do something different!

The theater is really pretty! I can't wait to go back to see other things!

Clearly you can't tell but that is Elvis Costello, ha!

It was a torrential downpour on the way home! I made Curt and I take a pic while we were stuck at a red light :)  

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Betty Turns 75...and Doesn't Look a Day Over 40!

Betty, literally the greatest grandmother-in-law ever, had a pretty big milestone birthday a couple of weeks ago. All the girls in the family were out of town at different times but this past Thursday we were all able to go!

We all had pedicures in the morning, did a little shopping at Marshall's while we waited for lunch, and then ate lunch at Lulu's Tea Room. It was sooooo good and so much fun!

It was a wonderful time celebrating Betty's Birthday! Happy Birthday Betty! Here's to many many more!

Beth, me, and Amanda

Happy Birthday to Betty!

The funniest part (well not quite for Betty) of the day was when we were getting ready to leave. Betty got up and all of a sudden said she twisted her knee. Then she got really nauseous and had to put her head down for about 10 minutes because the pain was so bad! People were offering her ice, Beth was asking about chest pain, and she was putting a cold glass on her neck. We all felt horrible for her but couldn't help but laugh! After about 10 minutes she said it went away and then felt fine! Thank goodness Betty made it! We all joked this picture says "it's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to." HA! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Gulf Shores Beach Trip 2014

After Curt finished his NAPLEX we headed the rest of the way to Gulf Shores and arrived about midnight. Let the vaca begin...

It was a wonderful vacation! We relaxed, shopped, hung out on the beach, ate delicious food, and enjoyed being with my family! It was Curt, me, my mom, and dad for the first bit and then Tuesday in the morning Whit, Ryan, and Brynn joined us for the rest of the week! Yahoo!

The pics..

Our first morning :)

We headed to First Baptist Gulf Shores for Sunday morning church

And then ate at our first restaurant for lunch....pretty yummy!

Dinner at the Shrimp Basket

I've got pretty cute parents :) Mom--just remember this pic when you see yourself about 3 pics down...but I had to!

Gotta love mini golf!

A serious competition is going on...losers had to buy the ice cream!
This was my idea.....

Why??? Why did I think that Curt and I could beat Dad! Clearly you can tell the winner....

Our umbrella from the 90's was falling!!! And superman mom saved the day :)

Love my sis

On our way to Lulu's

This was her souvenir she picked out....a "wrilly wrilly pretty necklace"

Group pic at Lulu's :)

Then it was time for crap hunting!

There is a teeny tiny crab in there and I caught it!! But that was the only crab we found :( 

Brynn is ready for the beach!

Snack break.

We got to have date night at Louisiana meal of the week!

Group pic :)

Curt and my mom built sand castles and Brynn destroyed them..

Curt's actually looked pretty darn good! If pharmacying doesn't work out in your future....

Our lat night..

Curt carrying me carrying Brynn on the boardwalk

Wonderful vacation at the beach with my family! Can't wait for vaca 2015! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Licensed to Practice

A little over a week ago Curt and I headed to Decatur, AL on Friday to take his NAPLEX..remember how he couldn't take it the first time and the stress, anxiety, nervous feeling he had going on..... 

We had a beach trip planned with my family starting that Saturday so we just left a day early for his test. It actually worked out pretty great other than the fact that Curt didn't really talk for the first part of the trip because he was studying/nervous/whatever else you want to insert. Ha! Anywho his test went well on Saturday and afterwards he was back to his normal self and we were able to talk the rest of the way to Gulf Shores. I guess and by talk I mean I fell asleep....whoops! He had me stressed out too ;)

Ok I don't know what blogger is doing but clearly the pictures are messed up! O well....we ate at this hole in the wall sushi place for dinner on Friday was perfect because it was quiet (as in we didn't talk much either---the nerves were really kicking in at this point), ha! But the food was super delicious! After his test on Saturday I celebrated with an ice cream cone...the biggest ice cream cone ever! Perfect.

On Tuesday of the beach trip we found out that Curt had passed both his law exam and the NAPLEX...a huge answer to prayers!!!!! We are so blessed! And Curt is officially licensed.....he has a number. So proud of you, Curt!!! Now you get to work for the rest of your life!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Curt's Life Lately

Here is what Curt has been up to for the past few weeks

Yep not much but studying....ewww...glad it is not me! And no, he does not know I took these:) But yes Curt you are going to rock your boards when you take them this Thursday and Saturday! So proud of you! Keep up the hard work!

O and in his little bit of free time this is what he does now...

He has officially taught himself to proud. haha.