Monday, June 2, 2014

Let's Get Moving!

Last Thursday and Friday was moving day! I had been packing up our apartment little bits at time but still had lots to do on Thursday when my parents arrived. We packed up pretty much everything in boxes so that on Friday when the moving truck arrived we could just load it up! 

Friday at about 10 we started taking everything outside and putting it in parking spaces...hope nobody wanted front row parking spots because between our stuff, vehicles, and the moving truck, we probably took up 10! haha..well that is slightly exaggerated...but not much... :)

By 2:30 the truck was loaded, our apartment inspected, and we were ready to say see ya Nashville! It was great living there for 2 years. I will miss the friends we made, the great restaurants, my job, our church, and yes our apartment (even though it did flood and air never really blew out of the vents in our bedroom). However, I will NOT miss the traffic!!! 

One last dinner in Nashville on Thursday night with Josh and Amanda :)

One last look at our apartment! Good bye Nashville....Hello Knoxville!

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