Monday, June 16, 2014

Licensed to Practice

A little over a week ago Curt and I headed to Decatur, AL on Friday to take his NAPLEX..remember how he couldn't take it the first time and the stress, anxiety, nervous feeling he had going on..... 

We had a beach trip planned with my family starting that Saturday so we just left a day early for his test. It actually worked out pretty great other than the fact that Curt didn't really talk for the first part of the trip because he was studying/nervous/whatever else you want to insert. Ha! Anywho his test went well on Saturday and afterwards he was back to his normal self and we were able to talk the rest of the way to Gulf Shores. I guess and by talk I mean I fell asleep....whoops! He had me stressed out too ;)

Ok I don't know what blogger is doing but clearly the pictures are messed up! O well....we ate at this hole in the wall sushi place for dinner on Friday was perfect because it was quiet (as in we didn't talk much either---the nerves were really kicking in at this point), ha! But the food was super delicious! After his test on Saturday I celebrated with an ice cream cone...the biggest ice cream cone ever! Perfect.

On Tuesday of the beach trip we found out that Curt had passed both his law exam and the NAPLEX...a huge answer to prayers!!!!! We are so blessed! And Curt is officially licensed.....he has a number. So proud of you, Curt!!! Now you get to work for the rest of your life!

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