Monday, December 15, 2014

Before and After: 1st Guest Bedroom

The bedrooms didn't need a ton of work but they still got a major facelift! Also as I am doing this post it still reminds me that I need curtains everywhere! Ah! I just keep telling myself that the finishing touches will just take a while.



n this room we...
  • Painted
  • Installed new windows (Hired professionals)
  • Installed new doors
  • Refinished the floor and stained darker (Hired professionals)
  • Changed the overhead light to a fan
  • Ripped out old trim and put up new trim
  • Put up crown molding
  • Added new wood blinds

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Everybody should still get to sit on Santa's lap

I've been reading everybody's blog posts about taking their kids to sit on Santa's lap. Well I decided that any age can still sit on Santa's lap and tell Santa what they want for Christmas.

Last Saturday was Curt's Dad's Mother's side for their Christmas/reunion thing--that's a mouthful! Well I also didn't know that Santa is from that family...aka he has a Santa suit but is really famous and takes goes all over the country playing Santa. So I had my picture made with Santa and also told Santa that I would like Mizzou to beat Alabama for Christmas wish. He then preceded to tell me that when Santa takes his cap off he is a die hard Alabama fan and he couldn't give me what I wanted for Christmas!!!!!! WHAT?!?!?! Bummer. But I still loved getting my picture taken with Santa :)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Before and After: Entryway/Hallway

The entryway is one of the biggest changes. We knocked down a wall and got rid of a closet to open the entry up more. I discovered demolition is fun for about 15 minutes while the wall comes down. After that, it's a bunch of clean up.



In the entryway/hallway we...
  • Tore down a wall and closet
  • Redid the ceiling with tongue and groove
  • Reconstructed the stairs
  • Added a new banister
  • Installed new doors
  • Laid hardwood floor in the entry way and where the closet use to be
  • Refinished the floor and stained darker (Hired professionals)
  • Painted
  • Installed new lights
  • Ripped out old trim and put up new trim
  • Installed crown molding
  • Patched up holes in the walls.. yikes.
Woah...I'm tired just thinking about it again! Curt and his dad put a lot of work into this area to make it truly beautiful! Thanks Mike for all of your hard work, I cannot say it enough!! (Debbie please tell Mike he made it onto the blog since he won't read it, ha!) And thanks dad for drywalling the same spot about 3 times since we kept putting holes in it! And mom and Debbie, thanks for all of the painting!!! :)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Before and After: Living Room

**I do not have hardly anything on the walls yet! Clearly we are a little slow on getting wall stuff up and are still finishing things on the house. However, I think I am ready to start some before and afters!

Before Living Room:

After Living Room:

In this room we...
  • Painted
  • Installed new windows (Hired professionals)
  • Refinished the floor and stained darker (Hired professionals)
  • Installed an overhead light/fan (the original house just had lamp lighting)
  • Ripped out old trim and put up new trim
  • Put up crown molding
I didn't have very good lighting when I took these and clearly I'm not the best photographer! But..the smell is gone, and everything is clean and fresh! The living room and bedrooms were in pretty good shape, we didn't have to do a ton!

Saturday, December 6, 2014


This year for Thanksgiving we stayed in Knoxville. Curt had to work Friday so we stayed in Tennessee. And yay, my parents came into town!!! We definitely missed getting to see my family (ooo Aunt Ella's ham, that cranberry relish, singing the 12 days of Christmas, and playing games) but we will get to see them for Christmas! (Miss you Grandma and Grandpa and can't wait to see you soon!!!) 

Staying in Knoxville was a lot of fun! We were able to have Thanksgiving dinner at Debbie's, take some family pictures, do TONS of shopping on Friday (and the crowds weren't even that bad!), watch the Mizzou game, go to Debbie's side on Saturday, and to Mike's side on Sunday! Yes, after 3 meals of Thanksgiving food I had had enough! Ha! It sure was delicious though! We also got to compete in the 3rd annual shooting competition, which Curt did not defend his title! I think he only a little bitter. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, December 4, 2014


The weekend before Thanksgiving was the Mizzou/UT game! My parents and sister came into town on Thursday night and we had the entire weekend to hang out, shop, and go to the game! Curt's parents were going to go the game but Mike had to work. Hopefully in two years when it is back in Knoxville we can all go! 

When Mizzou isn't playing I always cheer for UT and when UT isn't playing Curt always cheers for Mizzou but when they play each other....lets just say it's interesting :) We both love our teams and at times get a little defensive, ha! But for the third straight year it was a Mizzou victory!!! Woohoo, go Tigers! Curt, please don't get mad when you read this!

Before the game! I can't figure out how to turn it :(

The game must be tied at this point because we both look like we love each other, ha!

My sister is really bad about packing..she ran out of socks for the drive home so she thought she would use her gloves! O Whit, how I love you.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mollie Turns the Big 4

Our adorable niece Mollie turned 4 on November 2. She had a Sheriff Callie themed birthday party and was the cutest cowgirl ever! Ever since she was born we have always lived away so we wouldn't get to see her all the time. Now that we live in the same city we see her a lot more. I have loved getting to spend more time with her! She is so cute, sweet, and hilarious! Love you so much Mollie and Happy Birthday!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Nashville Weekend

Once again I am terrible at taking pictures and behind in blogging. I am blaming it on moving in to a new house! I think it was about a month ago we went to Nashville for the weekend to visit pharmacy and nursing friends! It was a super fun weekend...lots of good food at our favorite restaurants and lots of laughing. That's a good weekend to me! I only have one pic... :(

Bridgett, Lindsay, Mary Hunter, and me :) Love these girls!

Sunday, November 23, 2014


After four months and one week of renovating our house we moved in a couple of weeks ago! We are still getting everything settled but before and after pics to come soon!!!! Get excited! I am :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The last 3 and half months...

Curt and I have been working on our house for 3 and a half months now...yes we feel like we have no life but we are getting so close to move in!!!!! Can't wait to show before and afters! Thank you Mike and Debbie, and Mom and Dad for helping us so much! We couldn't have done a tenth of it without you guys!