Sunday, February 8, 2015

But Remember When the Clock Strikes Midnight....

Last weekend Curt and I headed home for a visit to Cape. A couple of months ago my mom got tickets for the girls to see Cinderella so this weekend has been planned for a while! We left Friday morning and were able to stay til Monday. It was a packed weekend!!!

We arrived in time for lunch and had a little impromptu modeling shoot to get ready for Cinderella. Yes, Whit and I put on our prom dresses! 

Friday night we headed to Whit and Ryan's new house for a little dinner party. Whit had made lasagna and we played catch phrase! Brynn was hilarious making up her own words and trying to get us to guess it. Then Curt and Ryan decided to play some "musical instruments."

Saturday morning Mom, Whit, Brynn, and I headed to STL to shop in the morning followed by lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. We then drove to the Fox to see Cinderella. And I know this is cheesy...but it was magical!!!!! We all loved it!

After the show we did more shopping (put me with my mama and sister and we can do some serious shopping)! Brynn was such a trooper so she got a treat at the disney store. :)

Around 7 they dropped me off at dinner on "the Hill" (a part of STL with tons of Italian restaurants) to meet up with Curt, Todd, and Lisa. Todd and Lisa are some more of our best friends from pharmacy school. They drove from Springfield, MO to visit us! We had a delicious dinner and then hit up the Casino. We won $150. WOOHOO!

Sunday morning we said bye to Todd and Lisa and drove back to Cape. Grandma and Grandpa came over for lunch and then we played cards all afternoon! That night we headed to Whit and Ryan's for a Superbowl Party! It was such a fun fun that I don't have pictures!

Monday morning we got a crazy idea and my mother cut Curt's hair. It was a fun time. We then headed to a bounce house to let the girls play and have a little lunch before we headed back home.

Such a fun weekend!!! God has just truly blessed us with wonderful families and friends!

Friday, February 6, 2015


A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to a lady Vols game with one of my favorite coworkers, Connie! She has a friend who has season tickets but was out of town so we got to use them! They are on like the 5th row! AND we sat behind the athletes...Curt was really impressed that we sat right behind Josh Richardson (he is the main player for the boys team!). It was a super fun night!

A day later some of our best friends from Pharmacy school came to visit for the weekend! We got to hang out all weekend long eating good food, shopping, going to another VOLS game, and relaxing. Thanks for visiting Josh and Amanda!! 

Josh Richardson!

I'm pretty sure this was taken by an athlete but I don't know who, ha!

We tried to get this on the big screen but I don't think it happened :(

Fun VOLS game!!!