Friday, February 6, 2015


A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to a lady Vols game with one of my favorite coworkers, Connie! She has a friend who has season tickets but was out of town so we got to use them! They are on like the 5th row! AND we sat behind the athletes...Curt was really impressed that we sat right behind Josh Richardson (he is the main player for the boys team!). It was a super fun night!

A day later some of our best friends from Pharmacy school came to visit for the weekend! We got to hang out all weekend long eating good food, shopping, going to another VOLS game, and relaxing. Thanks for visiting Josh and Amanda!! 

Josh Richardson!

I'm pretty sure this was taken by an athlete but I don't know who, ha!

We tried to get this on the big screen but I don't think it happened :(

Fun VOLS game!!!

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