Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hello 2015

Curt and I had such a fun New Year's Eve this year. We both worked but were done mid afternoon. We headed to Chris and Nena's house (a couple we met at the Sunday School class we are attending) for dinner and games! Around 11 we headed downtown to watch a ball drop. Knoxville has a ball that actually drops! It wasn't huge, but it was still a ball drop! And there were fireworks! It was a great way to welcome 2015! 2014 was a busy year for us and we look forward to what God has in store for us in 2015! 

Here is a quick recap of 2014

1) Curt graduated from Pharmacy School
2) Curt was hired as a pharmacist at Wal-Mart
3) We moved to Knoxville
2) We went to the beach with my family
3) I was hired at an infusion center
4) We bought our first house
5) We went to the mountains with Curt's family
6) I got rear-ended on the interstate and our car was totaled
7) We were forced to get another car...always stressful.
8) We renovated our house for 4 months
9) We finally moved into our house in November, it really was an incredible feeling!
10) We were able to celebrate the holidays with both of our families!!!

Ok I was stretching for that 10th one because we will do that every year but 10 is better than 9 :)

Back to New Year's Eve...


  1. You two are sooooo cute, and I love you so much! So happy God has answered a prayer and brought you good Christian friends. :)