Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving with the Jenkins

Saturday when I got off of work, we headed to Knoxville to be with the Jenkins' side for Thanksgiving.  We got up and went to church and then headed home to relax for just a bit (as in about 10 minutes and Debbie relaxed none because she was cooking so much!) before heading to up the Hill for a delicious Thanksgiving meal.  The food was absolutely wonderful and the best part--we had fried okra!!! YUM!

After eating we hung out and then the second annual Jenkins' family shooting competition began.  It was so much fun and I think over 20 people competed in it!  I think the pictures will show it all... enough said. ha!  (As I asked Curt to proof read this he said "you didn't even write that I won?"  Ha! Okay so last year he came in second but didn't bring his own gun and he promised everybody that next year he would bring his own and win--and he did just that.  Now his head is the size of Texas.  Pray for me :) 

After the competition we headed home to celebrate Mike's birthday (which is actually the 29th) but we were there so we had cake :).  He turned 55! Woah Mike--getting up there!!  Ha! And Betty came over, yay!  For his gift we all went together and got him a UT cornhole game! He loved it!  After eating, cake, and gifts we did my most favorite thing that we do at the Jenkins' house.  We all sat around and talked and drank decaf coffee while the kids played!  The Christmas tree was up and it was just wonderful :)

Although it was a quick trip, it was absolutely great!  It reallly gets me in the mood for Christmas!

Curt accepitng his award

And now he gives his speech...don't worry he thanked me, ha!

Anna (Curt's cousin), Molly (Curt's aunt), Amanda, me and Andrew

Clay, Andrew and I

Curt with his winning target

Lydia and Mollie

One day I can't wait to show this picture back to Andrew, love him!

Sitting around drinking coffee :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Tuesday night was the 6th annual Thanksmas dinner for Lipscomb Pharmacy School.  Curt has attended all four years and was even Santa one year, o my. This was my first and final year to get to go--I'm so glad I got to attend. It was so much fun! A lot of Curt's friends from school that we don't see a ton were there and it was a great time of hanging out and eating some good food! They gave us different numbers at the beginning that we didn't know what they were for.  Turns out it was to sing the 12 Days of Christmas.  I'm pretty sure the boys at our table were the only ones to participate and after 5 golden rings they stopped it because they were so obnoxious, ha! What a great night!

Left to right:  Todd, Chaselyn, Todd, Steven, Grant, Emily, Curt, me, Amanda, and Josh
Yep I got everybody :) Such a fun table!

Nashvegas BFF Em

Happy Thanksmas

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Trampled by Turtles with Apache Relay

I know you all know what that title means, ha!  Well Saturday night after Christmas Village I headed back out with Curt and a couple of his friends to go see Trampled by Turtles and Apache Relay in concert.  My feet were hurting the moment I got there from already standing all day and walking around AND then I found out we had to stand the ENTIRE TIME!! But I think I was a trooper and it was a lot of fun! The music was great and we had a fun group to hang out with.  

I want to look back on our first years of marriage and think we did some really fun things. So although I had to stand and suffer, ha, I'm glad we do stuff like this now because face it, we can't do this when we are fifty--we would look like weirdos! 

Waiting for Apache Relay to open

Josh, Todd, and Curt--let me tell you, they really wanted their picture taken! ha!

Apache Relay

Trampled by Turles

Sometime during the concert :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Village

Saturday morning I woke up and headed to Christmas Village with Mary Hunter and her roommates.  I have always wanted to go to Christmas Village so I was super excited.  I think it has over 500 booths of Christmas decorations, gifts, well pretty much anything you can think of.  When we got there I think I had a slight panic attack.  It was soooo crazy busy! There were people everywhere.  I felt like a small child that needed to keep my mom in sight or I would get lost, ha! But it was so much fun, and I got a couple things for Christmas! Yahoo! Afterwards we ate some Mexican (yum) and then we went and saw another girl from work, Lindsay.  She had gotten a kitten that day so we went to meet Calvin :)

The first "J" ornament I have now purchased.  I want to collect these so I can have a tree dedicated to just J's, hint hint for anybody who is reading this, haha!

I didn't buy this but I sure did want to! Or maybe I can turn this into a DIY project!

THE CROWD! and this doesn't even do it justice..

Meet Calvin :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

It's Christmas Season.. :)

With Thanksgiving being so late this year and looking ahead to my work schedule I knew that Friday night would be the perfect night to get out our lovely Christmas decorations!! And let me tell you, Curt was thrilled...not! But he was a good sport about it!  Half way through putting the lights on I got a phone call and when I came back he had even finished putting all the lights on by himself! It was awesome!  We turned on Christmas movies and had a wonderful night!

So without further ado here are our Christmas decorations. I plan on still getting some more as the season goes along, just don't tell Curt :)

As we were getting our tree out of the box we found about a gazillion stink bugs.  I wish I was exaggerating, unfortunately I am not.


Our table and our Fontanini Nativity set in the background (given to us by Curt's Mamaw Ann.
This really means a lot to us!)

And the tree village I MADE last year! Fun DIY project :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Surprise Visit

Well I guess it wasn't a surprise visit but it was a last minute visit and it was soooo much fun even it was super short! Beth came and stayed with us Tuesday night on her way to Knoxville.  That means we got to play with baby Amelia!!  She has gotten so much bigger than the last time we saw her! She is starting to get some chunks!! Yahoo!

Beth decided to drive to Knoxville because there was a bit of a scare with Amanda and her PAST breast cancer.  Beth was so awesome and drove 10 hours to see Amanda and be with her for some results.  But AWESOME news, Amanda is still CANCER FREE!!!!! Yahoo!!! We are so thankful and know that God does amazing things!

How cute!!!!

I tried giving her her bottle but she wasn't having it :( maybe next time :)
O and do you see who is creeping in the background??

We were making her smile and giggle but when I turned the camera on she stopped, haha!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Family photos!

Family photos 2013! 

I have got the best two families in the world! So thankful for everyone of them!! I don't know what I would do without them!! Love you guys sooooo much!!!!