Thursday, November 7, 2013

Surprise Visit

Well I guess it wasn't a surprise visit but it was a last minute visit and it was soooo much fun even it was super short! Beth came and stayed with us Tuesday night on her way to Knoxville.  That means we got to play with baby Amelia!!  She has gotten so much bigger than the last time we saw her! She is starting to get some chunks!! Yahoo!

Beth decided to drive to Knoxville because there was a bit of a scare with Amanda and her PAST breast cancer.  Beth was so awesome and drove 10 hours to see Amanda and be with her for some results.  But AWESOME news, Amanda is still CANCER FREE!!!!! Yahoo!!! We are so thankful and know that God does amazing things!

How cute!!!!

I tried giving her her bottle but she wasn't having it :( maybe next time :)
O and do you see who is creeping in the background??

We were making her smile and giggle but when I turned the camera on she stopped, haha!

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