Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Village

Saturday morning I woke up and headed to Christmas Village with Mary Hunter and her roommates.  I have always wanted to go to Christmas Village so I was super excited.  I think it has over 500 booths of Christmas decorations, gifts, well pretty much anything you can think of.  When we got there I think I had a slight panic attack.  It was soooo crazy busy! There were people everywhere.  I felt like a small child that needed to keep my mom in sight or I would get lost, ha! But it was so much fun, and I got a couple things for Christmas! Yahoo! Afterwards we ate some Mexican (yum) and then we went and saw another girl from work, Lindsay.  She had gotten a kitten that day so we went to meet Calvin :)

The first "J" ornament I have now purchased.  I want to collect these so I can have a tree dedicated to just J's, hint hint for anybody who is reading this, haha!

I didn't buy this but I sure did want to! Or maybe I can turn this into a DIY project!

THE CROWD! and this doesn't even do it justice..

Meet Calvin :)

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