Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Rest of....the Knoxville Weekend

I didn't do a great job of taking pictures of everything this weekend! blah! Friday night when we got into town we went to dinner with Monica and Travis and then went back to their house to hang out and eat homemade ice cream!  Dinner was great but the homemade ice cream was amazing!! Way to go Monica :) It was so much fun hanging out with them!!

Saturday morning we went to Andrew's Upward basketball game. He is so cute and almost scored 3 times!! It was fun getting to watch him play! Can't wait to watch more of his games in the future! 

Saturday afternoon was the shower and then by Saturday night we were pooped! We just relaxed and ate pizza and hung out with family...it was perfect :)

Sunday was absolutely beautiful and we stayed outside literally all day and played corn hole (one word or two??) and just sat around basking in the sun...it was awesome! It was another great weekend in Knoxville!!!

O yeah and Curt TRIED to climb a tree. This time he didn't make it too far! I learned that when Debbie and Mike were building their house they would have made their bedroom bigger but Curt begged them not to cut down that tree. It was his favorite climbing tree. Aren't they sweet parents! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mary Kate's Wedding Shower

This past weekend Curt and I loaded up our stuff and headed to Knoxville for the weekend to hang out with family and to celebrate Mary Kate getting married in less than 2 months! Mary Kate is Curt's cousin and is one of the sweetest people I know!! She is marrying one of Curt's closest friends, AJ on April 5!

Her shower was given by her aunts and was at Debbie's house. They did such a good job with the food, decorations, well everything! It was perfect!

Aunt Effie, Debbie, Mary Kate, and Aunt Kim (and Lydia decided she helped too, ha!)

She got A LOT of good stuff!

Had to get a picture with my favorite grandmother-in-law and blog queen. Love you so much Betty!

Bride-to-be on the left and her sweet sister and maid-of-honor, Anna on the right

I always joke with Betty that she is not very good at taking iPhone pictures...this might be proof, haha! 

Mary Kate and I (taken by Betty so she redeemed herself) hah!

We are so excited for Mary Kate and AJ and can't wait to be a part of their wedding day!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's Dinner Date

Saturday night we went out to dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day with Caitlin and Patrick. They are the couple that we met on our honeymoon and then found out that they live in Nashville..they are such a super sweet and fun couple to hang out with!. And they love to play games :) yahoo! 

Apparently both Patrick and Curt waited until the last minute (well Curt will say it wasn't the last minute) but they tried to get reservations for Friday. However, they were all taken and the restaurants that they really wanted were also taken on Saturday! They ended up making reservations at this restaurant called Merchants.  Merchants has 2 sets of dining, Normal downstairs and fine dining upstairs. When Curt made the reservation they asked him if he wanted the romantic dining and Curt said sure since it was Valentine's Day.  Well turned out that meant fine dining and fine dining has its own separate menu with most things that we didn't know what they were! ha! The meal was good but super pricey and I almost had a panic attack/heart attack/pass out moment when I saw the price, haha! But it was fun to celebrate :) and Caitlin and Patrick were the perfect couple to "fine dine" with, haha!

I do have a super sweet husband who loves taking pictures with me, haha NOT! But he is a good sport most of the time:) 

Caitlin and Patrick

The table :)

Our attempt to hurry and take a picture in the elevator that we had to ride up in to get to the "fine dining" area! Woohoo!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day started by Curt going to the dentist..how romantic, ha! He had to get 2 fillings and came home with his mouth COMPLETELY numb! I had his little valentine set out for when he got home.

ahahahahah! Love it!

This was his attempt at a smile because he couldn't feel anything...i was dying laughing! He got a card, some fruit by the foot, and 2 bananas that said "I'm bananas for you, lets never split." So clever, I know :) haha. Curt got me a card. It was super sweet. He had gotten me some running shoes a couple weeks ago that was my early gift!

We also have another rule that has somehow just become one. We both will not buy a card for each other that is over $1. We think it is so ridiculous to spend $5, so nerdy generic cards are what we get :) He won this year...his only cost 49 cents!! 

We spent the day relaxing and Curt played frisbee and I ran 4 miles. We finished the night by cooking dinner together, watching a movie, and getting ice cream! It was perfect!

Lettuce wraps and couscous...delish!

Heading out for ice cream...clearly we were keeping it casual :)

He will never get used to taking pictures for the blog!

Tonight we are headed to dinner with Caitlin and Patrick to celebrate Valentine's Day because Curt said he didn't start calling restaurants early enough this year and every restaurant was booked on actual Valentine's Day, ha! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Monica and Macy's

Monica (who just recently got married) had text me to see if I was busy on Thursday.  I told her that I was off and would love for her to come visit! She said she needed to return some stuff to Macy's and then would just stay the night and I said absolutely! It was so much fun catching up with Monica since I hadn't seen her since she got married! 

She got to our apartment about 2 and then we headed to the mall.  I am so mad at myself that I did not take a picture of the lady at Macy's while she was trying to return Monica's items.  This lady was absolutely horrible and took about 500 steps too many!!!  WE were having to tell HER what to do.  Monica returned some items and then used her gift cards to purchase some final things off of her registry.  That was it. We literally stood at the counter for over an hour!! At the very end the lady said "aren't you glad that I have been here a long time and know what I am doing. Good thing you didn't get somebody new." I about died laughing!!!! We also then went to Williams-Sonoma to get some stuff and carried a huge blender throughout the mall. People probably thought we looked a bit ridiculous! But we had some good laughs so it was worth it!

This doesn't look like much but by the time we carried it all throughout the mall we were dying!

By this point we were really good about being patient :)

After we finished at the mall we headed back to the apartment to pick up Curt and then we went and picked up Vance (Monica's little brother). We ate Mexican at Chago's (a restaurant I had been wanting to go to).  It was so good!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Half-Marathon Training

Whit asked me a while back if I would run another half-marathon with her.  We have run a couple half-marathons and a full marathon in the past but it has been four year since the last one, I think??  Whit said she wants to get back in the "I've had two kids and still look good shape" (which she already does) but being the little sister that I am, can't let the big sister show me up. So I agreed. 

Half-marathon training officially began yesterday. BAHHH.....

I also haven't bought a new pair of running shoes in a while so Curt and I headed to Dick's this past Saturday (we had a gift card!).  The shoes are black and pink so Curt said it is also my Valentine's day gift...because they are pink???...thanks honey! But really thanks for new shoes :)

And I thought I would end the post with a picture somebody recently posted on Facebook....from when I was in first grade.

I'm second from the left. Mom--what was I wearing???? Umbros pretty much the size of me...seriously. Hair slick back. Classic keds with socks up to my knees!! O my!!!!!! Did I like this outfit???