Friday, February 14, 2014

Monica and Macy's

Monica (who just recently got married) had text me to see if I was busy on Thursday.  I told her that I was off and would love for her to come visit! She said she needed to return some stuff to Macy's and then would just stay the night and I said absolutely! It was so much fun catching up with Monica since I hadn't seen her since she got married! 

She got to our apartment about 2 and then we headed to the mall.  I am so mad at myself that I did not take a picture of the lady at Macy's while she was trying to return Monica's items.  This lady was absolutely horrible and took about 500 steps too many!!!  WE were having to tell HER what to do.  Monica returned some items and then used her gift cards to purchase some final things off of her registry.  That was it. We literally stood at the counter for over an hour!! At the very end the lady said "aren't you glad that I have been here a long time and know what I am doing. Good thing you didn't get somebody new." I about died laughing!!!! We also then went to Williams-Sonoma to get some stuff and carried a huge blender throughout the mall. People probably thought we looked a bit ridiculous! But we had some good laughs so it was worth it!

This doesn't look like much but by the time we carried it all throughout the mall we were dying!

By this point we were really good about being patient :)

After we finished at the mall we headed back to the apartment to pick up Curt and then we went and picked up Vance (Monica's little brother). We ate Mexican at Chago's (a restaurant I had been wanting to go to).  It was so good!

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