Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Rest of....the Knoxville Weekend

I didn't do a great job of taking pictures of everything this weekend! blah! Friday night when we got into town we went to dinner with Monica and Travis and then went back to their house to hang out and eat homemade ice cream!  Dinner was great but the homemade ice cream was amazing!! Way to go Monica :) It was so much fun hanging out with them!!

Saturday morning we went to Andrew's Upward basketball game. He is so cute and almost scored 3 times!! It was fun getting to watch him play! Can't wait to watch more of his games in the future! 

Saturday afternoon was the shower and then by Saturday night we were pooped! We just relaxed and ate pizza and hung out with family...it was perfect :)

Sunday was absolutely beautiful and we stayed outside literally all day and played corn hole (one word or two??) and just sat around basking in the sun...it was awesome! It was another great weekend in Knoxville!!!

O yeah and Curt TRIED to climb a tree. This time he didn't make it too far! I learned that when Debbie and Mike were building their house they would have made their bedroom bigger but Curt begged them not to cut down that tree. It was his favorite climbing tree. Aren't they sweet parents! 

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