Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day started by Curt going to the romantic, ha! He had to get 2 fillings and came home with his mouth COMPLETELY numb! I had his little valentine set out for when he got home.

ahahahahah! Love it!

This was his attempt at a smile because he couldn't feel anything...i was dying laughing! He got a card, some fruit by the foot, and 2 bananas that said "I'm bananas for you, lets never split." So clever, I know :) haha. Curt got me a card. It was super sweet. He had gotten me some running shoes a couple weeks ago that was my early gift!

We also have another rule that has somehow just become one. We both will not buy a card for each other that is over $1. We think it is so ridiculous to spend $5, so nerdy generic cards are what we get :) He won this year...his only cost 49 cents!! 

We spent the day relaxing and Curt played frisbee and I ran 4 miles. We finished the night by cooking dinner together, watching a movie, and getting ice cream! It was perfect!

Lettuce wraps and couscous...delish!

Heading out for ice cream...clearly we were keeping it casual :)

He will never get used to taking pictures for the blog!

Tonight we are headed to dinner with Caitlin and Patrick to celebrate Valentine's Day because Curt said he didn't start calling restaurants early enough this year and every restaurant was booked on actual Valentine's Day, ha! 

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  1. This is funny. I will have to show that first picture of Curt to Grant! lol! Looks like a fun Valentines! Miss you guys!