Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Half-Marathon Training

Whit asked me a while back if I would run another half-marathon with her.  We have run a couple half-marathons and a full marathon in the past but it has been four year since the last one, I think??  Whit said she wants to get back in the "I've had two kids and still look good shape" (which she already does) but being the little sister that I am, can't let the big sister show me up. So I agreed. 

Half-marathon training officially began yesterday. BAHHH.....

I also haven't bought a new pair of running shoes in a while so Curt and I headed to Dick's this past Saturday (we had a gift card!).  The shoes are black and pink so Curt said it is also my Valentine's day gift...because they are pink???...thanks honey! But really thanks for new shoes :)

And I thought I would end the post with a picture somebody recently posted on Facebook....from when I was in first grade.

I'm second from the left. Mom--what was I wearing???? Umbros pretty much the size of me...seriously. Hair slick back. Classic keds with socks up to my knees!! O my!!!!!! Did I like this outfit???


  1. Yes, I'm here to tell you that you loved the outfit. Umbros were the in fashion item! I had you always looking cute!

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