Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's Dinner Date

Saturday night we went out to dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day with Caitlin and Patrick. They are the couple that we met on our honeymoon and then found out that they live in Nashville..they are such a super sweet and fun couple to hang out with!. And they love to play games :) yahoo! 

Apparently both Patrick and Curt waited until the last minute (well Curt will say it wasn't the last minute) but they tried to get reservations for Friday. However, they were all taken and the restaurants that they really wanted were also taken on Saturday! They ended up making reservations at this restaurant called Merchants.  Merchants has 2 sets of dining, Normal downstairs and fine dining upstairs. When Curt made the reservation they asked him if he wanted the romantic dining and Curt said sure since it was Valentine's Day.  Well turned out that meant fine dining and fine dining has its own separate menu with most things that we didn't know what they were! ha! The meal was good but super pricey and I almost had a panic attack/heart attack/pass out moment when I saw the price, haha! But it was fun to celebrate :) and Caitlin and Patrick were the perfect couple to "fine dine" with, haha!

I do have a super sweet husband who loves taking pictures with me, haha NOT! But he is a good sport most of the time:) 

Caitlin and Patrick

The table :)

Our attempt to hurry and take a picture in the elevator that we had to ride up in to get to the "fine dining" area! Woohoo!

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