Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter in Pics!

This Easter we went to the Cape G and visited my family. It was a wonderful weekend!!

Friday night started with playing at Grandma's..Brynn hid in the beanie babies

And we went and saw the had a lot more going on since the last time we visited!

Brynn modeled down by the pond

And loved running around the whole place..made me a little nervous..haha!

Saturday began with a 10 mile run....last long run before the half marathon!

Curt, and Ryan, and Brynn met us at the end..Brynn rode her bike, she did sooo good!


We were rewarded with a delicious brunch!

It was awesome!

Emory loved her puffs though :)

So yummy we couldn't look up for a pic.

Then it was Easter Egg hunting time.

Emory loved just chilling :)

Game. On.

Brynn loved hunting for the eggs.

So did the big kids!

There were some high dollar eggs out there so it was pretty intense...

All done!

Whit was the egg queen!! What the heck??? Curt got a speeding ticket on the way to Cape and mom felt bad so she hid 20's!!!!! Unfortunately it did not work in our favor...Whit found them all!!!! BUT she is the best big sister and gave me one :) Thanks Whit...the county of IL will appreciate you.

All of the eggs had scriptures and we read them!

Our winnings :)

All the girls!

Date night Saturday night with the parents :)

Our photo shoot after Church

Curt hated all the pictures..

But not when we took awkward ones..

Sunday afternoon we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's to play cards and eat Easter dinner!

Uncle Bruce and Dad hanging out

And then we all took a golf cart ride on Grandpa's golf cart!

It was an absolute wonderful weekend and the weather was gorgeous!!!!  It was great to see family and to celebrate Christ, the Risen Lord!! Happy Easter 2014!

Friday, April 11, 2014

OFFICIAL HUGE BIG NEWS **No I am not pregnant

I feel like now that we have been married for a year and a half anytime we tell anybody we have news they blurt out--YOU ARE PREGANT---and NO WE AREN'T, ha!

But the big news is-----CURT GOT A JOB and we are MOVING TO KNOXVILLE.  IT IS OFFICIAL.  We are both really excited and Curt feels relieved (even though I knew he would get one).  I am so proud of him and we both feel that right now this is for sure where God wants us. So Curt will graduate in May, take his test and then we will most likely move at the beginning of summer.  

We have known for about 2 months but work officially knows that I am leaving so now I feel like I am allowed to post it online :)  This post has been written since it happened but I was saving it til the time was right!

We were driving back from Cape when Curt's future boss called him :) There were definitely happy tears and we did pull over so we wouldn't have a wreck, haha! 

We celebrated that night--I asked Curt what he wanted and his request was Jet's Pizza so that is what we ate! 

Congrats Curt! I am so proud of you!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I have recruited some work friends to run with me and it has been so much fun! We have been running and then going to get lunch some where and hang out. So. Much. Fun. Yesterday we actually laid out afterwards on Mary Hunter's deck and soaked up some sun! Perfect!

Post run. Yes we look a little gross but that means we worked hard right??

Still attempting to try to take a good didn't happen

I saw a live snake on our run!! AHHH

Yes we might have gotten ice cream too :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mary Kate gets MARRIED!!!

This past weekend we headed to Knoxville for Mary Kate and AJ's wedding.  Mary Kate was in our wedding and is Curt's cousin. They have always been super close! and AJ is one of Curt's best friends. So needless to say Curt was a groomsmen. :) Their wedding was beautiful and Mary Kate looked absolutely gorgeous! It was also so special and so centered around God. It was awesome! Justin, Curt's cousin-in-law, did the ceremony and it was one of the best ceremonies/messages I have ever heard! 

It was an absolute great weekend. We got to catch up with some of Curt's friends and hang out with family! 

Congrats to Mary Kate and AJ! They are currently on their honeymoon in Hawaii...yes I am a bit jealous!

I got to ride home from the rehearsal with the almost bride-to-be and the maid of honor aka Mary Kate and Anna. Its a little blurry but it was the best we could do after many tries :)

Debbie did the flowers....they looked AWESOME! 

Dance Party.

Amanda and Clay

Curt and I :)

Love my sister-in-law. 

Love my super cute niece too :) Isn't she the cutest flower girl ever?!

Andrew caught the garter belt, it was hilarious!

Anna gave a great speech

They are finally married!!

On Sunday Curt took a nap and I think Mollie only pretended, haha