Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mary Kate gets MARRIED!!!

This past weekend we headed to Knoxville for Mary Kate and AJ's wedding.  Mary Kate was in our wedding and is Curt's cousin. They have always been super close! and AJ is one of Curt's best friends. So needless to say Curt was a groomsmen. :) Their wedding was beautiful and Mary Kate looked absolutely gorgeous! It was also so special and so centered around God. It was awesome! Justin, Curt's cousin-in-law, did the ceremony and it was one of the best ceremonies/messages I have ever heard! 

It was an absolute great weekend. We got to catch up with some of Curt's friends and hang out with family! 

Congrats to Mary Kate and AJ! They are currently on their honeymoon in Hawaii...yes I am a bit jealous!

I got to ride home from the rehearsal with the almost bride-to-be and the maid of honor aka Mary Kate and Anna. Its a little blurry but it was the best we could do after many tries :)

Debbie did the flowers....they looked AWESOME! 

Dance Party.

Amanda and Clay

Curt and I :)

Love my sister-in-law. 

Love my super cute niece too :) Isn't she the cutest flower girl ever?!

Andrew caught the garter belt, it was hilarious!

Anna gave a great speech

They are finally married!!

On Sunday Curt took a nap and I think Mollie only pretended, haha

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