Friday, April 11, 2014

OFFICIAL HUGE BIG NEWS **No I am not pregnant

I feel like now that we have been married for a year and a half anytime we tell anybody we have news they blurt out--YOU ARE PREGANT---and NO WE AREN'T, ha!

But the big news is-----CURT GOT A JOB and we are MOVING TO KNOXVILLE.  IT IS OFFICIAL.  We are both really excited and Curt feels relieved (even though I knew he would get one).  I am so proud of him and we both feel that right now this is for sure where God wants us. So Curt will graduate in May, take his test and then we will most likely move at the beginning of summer.  

We have known for about 2 months but work officially knows that I am leaving so now I feel like I am allowed to post it online :)  This post has been written since it happened but I was saving it til the time was right!

We were driving back from Cape when Curt's future boss called him :) There were definitely happy tears and we did pull over so we wouldn't have a wreck, haha! 

We celebrated that night--I asked Curt what he wanted and his request was Jet's Pizza so that is what we ate! 

Congrats Curt! I am so proud of you!!


  1. Congratulations to BOTH of you.That's great news.

  2. Part of the family is so excited and the other part (Mo. family) is a little disappointed. I cannot wait until you two get back here. People know how much I love Curt, they just don't understand how much I love you. What fun awaits us all.