Monday, March 3, 2014

The Past Week...

This past week a lot went on, well kind of..and I worked..and I took a total of two pictures. Fail.

Anywho, last Tuesday my parents came and visited for a day and a half. It was wonderful! They got in Tuesday afternoon and I cooked for them! They loved my creamy chicken tacos! After dinner we went out for some frozen yogurt, played games, hung out and watched The Private Lives of Nashville Wives. I was so excited about this show and it was a TOTAL LETDOWN. So bad :( O well, it was worth a try!

Wednesday we got up and did some shopping around Nashville and ate lunch at Newk's! We came back and relaxed while we waited for Curt to get done with his rotation, ate a little dinner and then they headed back to Cape Wednesday night. O and mom made us go to the store and buy all of the natural Cheetos because they don't have them in Cape. Slightly embarrassing, ha! But I was sad to see them go! Love you guys! Thanks for visiting!

Thursday I worked.
Friday I worked.
Saturday I worked. BUT when I got off I met up with Curt and some of our friends and we went to an engagement party for one of Curt's pharmacy friends! The evening turned out to be super fun!

Sunday we went to church, trained for the half marathon, and relaxed! That evening we made taco soup and our friends came over to watch the Oscars. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures!! Fun night!

And finally today, we (and by we, I mean Curt) scraped off ice for about 30 minutes! But Curt did get to have a snow day so that was a plus! Yay!

Yep that was our week! We look forward to the next one :)

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  1. And I'm on the 2nd bag of Cheetos and loving every white cheddar bite! :)
    Love you, Linz!