Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dad Drives the SEMO Tennis Team to Nashville

Last weekend Dad took the SEMO tennis girls on their trip to yay...that meant I got to hang out with him! And watch tennis :)

Saturday morning I got up and faithfully ran my miles since we are still training for the half marathon, showered, and then headed to the tennis courts to pick up Dad. We went to Starbucks for a fun coffee and treat and then headed back to watch the girls play against Belmont. It was pretty intense. A. Lot. Of. Yelling/Squeals/ComeOns. was great!

After the match ended we just hung out for a while (o yeah and went to Curt's work to help him jump his car because the battery died) and took a little nap. Saturday night we headed to Peter's Sushi and Thai for a delicious dinner!!! And of course we ate Thai because Mom wasn't there :)

Sunday Curt and I headed back to the tennis courts to watch the girls play another school and so we could see Dad one more time. It was great having you in Nashville for the weekend! Love you so much!

Our awesome meal coming to an end...

Love my dad so much :)

Had to get a pic of the three of us...and this was after several tries and Curt said no more...Dad-you look the best

Pinterest Told Me Too...don't you think Whit/Erika??

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  1. YES!!! Your outfit is GREAT!!! Looks like you had fun with Uncle Dale!! It's always fun when the fam is in town. :)