Thursday, March 27, 2014

Part 3--Brynn's Birthday

Saturday morning we headed to St. Francis to set up for Brynn's Hello Kitty Party.  It was the perfect little party (well I guess it wasn't exactly little!) and Brynn had so much fun! Whit did such a good job with decorations and cookies! In case you didn't know, Whit has become quite the cookie decorating expert!

Love my sister!

Can you believe she made these!! How good is she??!!!

The family table!

The play area of the party...there were kids all over the place!!!

The kids loved the parachute part!!

He will never get used to taking pictures!! Just once I want him to say "hey lets take a fun pic for the blog" ahah!

Birthday girl and I :)

Sweet Emory

After the party, mom and I went and got a pedicure! It was wonderful! Must say I've never had a white male give me a pedicure!

I don't know...he might have had a small foot fetish?? 

Saturday night, we headed to Bella Italia for a special birthday dinner for Brynn and I! The last time I ate at this restaurant little did I know I was about to be engaged! And ironically on the way to Bella Italia Brynn asked where I got my "sparkly ring" and she wanted to try it on! 

Brynn was rocking the bling and loving it! When I showed Ryan the pic, I think he about fainted!

Bella Italia

She is really into making silly faces right now

At dinner Brynn saw these girls walking in and asked if the girl was Elsa from Frozen! She wanted her picture with
"the Princesses" So precious!

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