Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving with the Jenkins

Saturday when I got off of work, we headed to Knoxville to be with the Jenkins' side for Thanksgiving.  We got up and went to church and then headed home to relax for just a bit (as in about 10 minutes and Debbie relaxed none because she was cooking so much!) before heading to up the Hill for a delicious Thanksgiving meal.  The food was absolutely wonderful and the best part--we had fried okra!!! YUM!

After eating we hung out and then the second annual Jenkins' family shooting competition began.  It was so much fun and I think over 20 people competed in it!  I think the pictures will show it all... enough said. ha!  (As I asked Curt to proof read this he said "you didn't even write that I won?"  Ha! Okay so last year he came in second but didn't bring his own gun and he promised everybody that next year he would bring his own and win--and he did just that.  Now his head is the size of Texas.  Pray for me :) 

After the competition we headed home to celebrate Mike's birthday (which is actually the 29th) but we were there so we had cake :).  He turned 55! Woah Mike--getting up there!!  Ha! And Betty came over, yay!  For his gift we all went together and got him a UT cornhole game! He loved it!  After eating, cake, and gifts we did my most favorite thing that we do at the Jenkins' house.  We all sat around and talked and drank decaf coffee while the kids played!  The Christmas tree was up and it was just wonderful :)

Although it was a quick trip, it was absolutely great!  It reallly gets me in the mood for Christmas!

Curt accepitng his award

And now he gives his speech...don't worry he thanked me, ha!

Anna (Curt's cousin), Molly (Curt's aunt), Amanda, me and Andrew

Clay, Andrew and I

Curt with his winning target

Lydia and Mollie

One day I can't wait to show this picture back to Andrew, love him!

Sitting around drinking coffee :)

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