Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving in Cape Girardeau

This is about a week old. Woops! Well I had to work Thanksgiving--this was my first holiday ever to work! It was a little weird knowing that our families were celebrating and I was at work but overall it was a good day and I was glad I could be the patients at the hospital and bring them a little cheer. :)  So when I got off on Thursday night Curt picked me up and we headed to Cape for a Thanksgiving weekend.  

Actual Thanksgiving :) spent with some of my favorite nursing friends

Friday morning we woke up and relaxed for a bit before going to lunch with my grandparents, Aunt Gina, Uncle Tim, and Tori (they live in Bolivar, MO so I don't get to see them often).  I was glad for a fun little lunch since I missed the excitement the day before!  After lunch mom and I did a little black friday shopping, and I mean little. ha! I think it consisted of 2 stores. Friday night my mom, dad, sister and I went to go to see Catching Fire and the boys hung out with Emory and Brynn.  The movie was sooooo good!!!

Saturday was my dad's side for Thanksgiving so the morning was spent prepping for the 38 people who would be coming to their house, yes 38.  It was a bit crazy in the Pingel household for a while. They all came for lunch, and then played games and watched football for a while after. Saturday night was the Mizzou/Texas A&M watch party. We were all so nervous but hooray for Mizzou--they pulled it out and now tomorrow play for the SEC championship! Yahoo!!

Sunday we went to church, watched Christmas movies, and headed out to Whit and Ryan's land to see the building process!!! It was so awesome!!! It did make me just a little jealous because they have a real house, and now another one, ha! Afterward my mom, sister and I headed to the "Sounds of the Season" Christmas show.  My sister and I brought the median age down about 30 years.  But the show was cute and did get us in the Christmas spirit, thanks for taking us mom.  Sunday night was the annual parade of lights.  Normally Curt and I aren't able to go but since we were in town we bundled up and headed to "the spot" to watch the parade.  Afterwards we went to my sister's MIL's house to have soup and hang out. It was so much fun! 

The building process has begun!!!

I got a little bored during the show...
Holding down the spot before the parade started

The parade of lights!

Brynn had just woken up..

Baby Emory got in on the action since it wasn't too cold out!

  Monday Whit, Curt, and I (and Brynn and Emory) went to the gym to work out--let me tell you Emory and Brynn were really getting after it in the day care, ha!  Afterwards we ate some lunch, played, and then Curt and I packed up to head back to Nashville.  

Before my mom left for work she got in this weird mood and went and got her "walking pants" from about 20 years ago and told me to try them on because they were just so stylish....I think the 90's called and wanted their pants back.. (actually I don't even know if that is the right decade, ha!)

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3.....haha gotta love Brynny
It was another fun, busy weekend in the good ole Cape G.  Love my family so much!  And this is how we were greeted back into Nashville...of course :)

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  1. Oh, Nashville trafftic...we hate you :)
    Looks like a fun Thanksgiving!!