Friday, December 20, 2013

Pharmacy Friends Christmas Party

Last Sunday after Whit and Ryan left Curt and I headed to the grocery store to get the items for a salad I was going to make to take the pharmacy friends Christmas party.  This salad is delicious. The recipe comes from Ryan's grandma (thanks Agatha)!  Well part of the recipe requires you to saute some almonds, noodles, and sesame seeds in butter.  I think I did this a little too long, well actually I know I did it too long and some of the pieces were BURNT! I was so sad, like soo sad. I didn't know if we could salvage it and I didn't think there would be enough time to make it again and all I wanted was to make this delicious salad that everybody loved, ha!  Well, we picked out the burnt pieces and made it work.  The salad turned out pretty good and next time I make it I will NOT let it burn!  Anyway after that rant....

Sunday night we headed to Josh and Annie Brown's house for the party.  Sidenote--I am going to hire Josh to make me a wood mirror--they have one in their house that he made and it was sooooo cute! Rustic chic for sure!  

Ok so sunday we headed to Josh and Annie's house, hahah!  We had all made different side dishes and they made the turkey.  It was so much fun hanging out with everyone and catching up since we don't see everybody near as much now that all of the boys are in their rotations.  After dinner we played dirty Santa..there wasn't too much stealing--the gifts weren't the greatest, haha! I think Curt and I gave away Christmas lights that don't work and old alien movies that are so dumb I don't know why Curt bought them in the first place!  After dirty Santa we went back to our teen years and played Mafia--real life style!  You turn the lights out and try to not get killed, haha! It was so much fun!! But it seemed like Curt and I died quite often, haha!

It was such a fun party and it was great seeing all of our friends again!  Thanks Josh and Annie for hosting!  

O the salad... I don't think it looks too burnt in the picture

Todd, Chaselyn, Emily, and Grant 
I was really excited about some quesadilla soup and then it got stolen from me!!

Curt opened trivia Jenga

Grant with his fancy 9-in-1 tool 

Preparing for the mafia game

Todd explaining the was pretty intense, hah!

Chaselyn, me, Emily, and Annie (and Lisa is there in spirit!) The end of the good party :)

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