Friday, June 20, 2014

Gulf Shores Beach Trip 2014

After Curt finished his NAPLEX we headed the rest of the way to Gulf Shores and arrived about midnight. Let the vaca begin...

It was a wonderful vacation! We relaxed, shopped, hung out on the beach, ate delicious food, and enjoyed being with my family! It was Curt, me, my mom, and dad for the first bit and then Tuesday in the morning Whit, Ryan, and Brynn joined us for the rest of the week! Yahoo!

The pics..

Our first morning :)

We headed to First Baptist Gulf Shores for Sunday morning church

And then ate at our first restaurant for lunch....pretty yummy!

Dinner at the Shrimp Basket

I've got pretty cute parents :) Mom--just remember this pic when you see yourself about 3 pics down...but I had to!

Gotta love mini golf!

A serious competition is going on...losers had to buy the ice cream!
This was my idea.....

Why??? Why did I think that Curt and I could beat Dad! Clearly you can tell the winner....

Our umbrella from the 90's was falling!!! And superman mom saved the day :)

Love my sis

On our way to Lulu's

This was her souvenir she picked out....a "wrilly wrilly pretty necklace"

Group pic at Lulu's :)

Then it was time for crap hunting!

There is a teeny tiny crab in there and I caught it!! But that was the only crab we found :( 

Brynn is ready for the beach!

Snack break.

We got to have date night at Louisiana meal of the week!

Group pic :)

Curt and my mom built sand castles and Brynn destroyed them..

Curt's actually looked pretty darn good! If pharmacying doesn't work out in your future....

Our lat night..

Curt carrying me carrying Brynn on the boardwalk

Wonderful vacation at the beach with my family! Can't wait for vaca 2015! 

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  1. What fun you all must have had. There is an LL in Destin, Dodd and Ren like. Your superman Mom looks quite god in a bathing suit! You all have so much energy!!!!!!!!