Saturday, June 21, 2014

Betty Turns 75...and Doesn't Look a Day Over 40!

Betty, literally the greatest grandmother-in-law ever, had a pretty big milestone birthday a couple of weeks ago. All the girls in the family were out of town at different times but this past Thursday we were all able to go!

We all had pedicures in the morning, did a little shopping at Marshall's while we waited for lunch, and then ate lunch at Lulu's Tea Room. It was sooooo good and so much fun!

It was a wonderful time celebrating Betty's Birthday! Happy Birthday Betty! Here's to many many more!

Beth, me, and Amanda

Happy Birthday to Betty!

The funniest part (well not quite for Betty) of the day was when we were getting ready to leave. Betty got up and all of a sudden said she twisted her knee. Then she got really nauseous and had to put her head down for about 10 minutes because the pain was so bad! People were offering her ice, Beth was asking about chest pain, and she was putting a cold glass on her neck. We all felt horrible for her but couldn't help but laugh! After about 10 minutes she said it went away and then felt fine! Thank goodness Betty made it! We all joked this picture says "it's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to." HA! 


  1. Hey you! Are you wanting to get in on does the pedi's from now on?lol BTW you forgot the IMPORTANT fact that I took the pix of you girls on your phone and I did a terrific job! Love you and we did all get a good laugh from my "moment", didn't we?

  2. That was to say on WHO does the pedi's