Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Going Away Dinner :(

Monday night was my going away dinner with work friends. These friends have become some of my best friends and I am truly going to miss them! I loved my job but I think I really loved my job because of the people I worked with. I worry that I won't find that again in a new job but I know God has a plan. Anywho back to the farewell dinner..

We ate at Saint Anejo and it was delicious! I had my last day of work last Friday and then we had all planned on eating on Monday night. A couple girls came after work and some left there Memorial Day BBQ's to come and sweet are they?? We had so much fun eating and hanging out and it was a pretty sad goodbye. I know I will see them again soon! Its only a 2 and a half hour drive!

Girls--thanks for all of the great memories at work and for all the fun times we had! You made living a Nashville a blast! Love you all!

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