Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This is a joke right....My name is Curtis Jenkins...and I have two forms of ID

Last Wednesday Curt was suppose to take his NAPLEX. Well long story short he didn't get to because he signed up as Curtis Jenkins and his drivers license says Curtis Michael Jenkins. How ridiculous. The worst part was that a nursing student was there to take the NCLEX and she started freaking out when they turned Curt away because she didn't put her middle name on her testing thing. But they told her...."O its ok for the NCLEX, just not the NAPLEX." What????? Anyway Curt was super prepared and ready to take it and he didn't get to :( He was so upset...my heart was breaking for him! 

So to cheer him up what did we do??? Play mini golf of course!

We didn't know when Curt would be able to take the test again and that had him worried but he got the go ahead and was able to resign up for the test. He takes it Saturday June 7 at 2:45 pm. So put it in your calendar and pray!!! He takes it in Decatur, AL which actually works out well because we will continue our drive after to Gulf Shores to spend the next week at the beach! Yahoo!!

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