Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Yes, You May Now Call Him Dr. Jenkins

Just kidding....but seriously... 

Curt graduated Pharmacy School two weekends ago and is officially a doctor of pharmacy!!!! Yahoo!!!!! I am so proud of him!!

Curt's parents, grandma, sister (her husband and their 2 kids), my parents, my sister (and her husband and their 2 girls) all made the trip!!!!! Friday morning we attended a pharmacy only graduation where they were all presented with their hoods and all the awards were handed out. Unfortunately, Curt did not win any but he did win "Best Sense of Humor Award" and "Person You'd Want to be Stranded on an Island With Award" the day before. I was waiting for them to announce that but it didn't happen, ha! Friday night we all headed to Puckett's Boathouse for a big family dinner congratulating Curt. It was great! Amanda (Curt's sister) and Whit both have 3 year olds. Mollie is about 6 months older than Brynn, but I was so excited for them to meet again. They had met each other once when we got married but were so young. They really hit it off and it was so fun to see them play together! Saturday morning we all got ready for Curt's real graduation. I believe when Curt was hooded there were tears from all of the parents, ha! I was about to get emotional but I held it together! It really was so neat to see Curt walk across the stage as a doctor of pharmacy! I am truly so proud of Curt!!! After graduation, we all got a bite to eat and ate outside. It was wonderful!!! 

After lunch everybody headed home. It was an absolute great weekend celebrating Curt's accomplishment. We are all so proud of him!!! Love you so much Curt!

Now keep studying hard and pass your boards!

Here is the weekend in pics..

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  1. So proud of Dr Curt Jenkins!!!! But remember Linz, you are the wind beneath his wings. Love you both and am a proud Grandma