Monday, May 12, 2014

The Week of Graduation...

Curt finally made it to the week of graduation!! (well that was 2 weeks ago...ha!)

Emily and Grant (who moved back to Kentucky already) stayed with us from Sunday to Thursday. It was just like old times. And it was great! I had to work Monday and Tuesday but I may have been sick on Wednesday so Em and I could hang!

Curt really enjoyed the week because all of his best friends were reunited and they got to spend the whole week together! We all ate dinner together, played volley tennis, played games, watched movies, and relaxed! It was great!

They got their grad gowns and loved them...

seriously they did...

Em and I got pedicures, manicures, and did a little shopping!

It was so much fun to hang out with Em for the day!! I really miss being able to do this all the time with her!

Em had to get a last few party supplies while we were out so we had to try these on!
 It was a great last week of graduation! After four long years, congrats Curt on making it!

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