Monday, May 19, 2014

Sweet Honeymoon Friends

When Curt and I went on our honeymoon, we sat next to this guy on the airplane who looked about Curt's age. He was holding a cup of coffee and immediately fell asleep. Curt and I wondered if we should grab the cup so it didn't spill or wake him up??? But I did not want spilled coffee all over me, ha! Well, he actually held that coffee the entire time and managed to sleep a couple of hours. Impressive. When he woke up that is how we broke the ice, ha!

Long story short, him and his wife (Patrick and Caitlin), got married the same day we did, live in Nashville, and Caitlin is a nurse at Centennial. Can you say God's work was in that meeting or what???!! We had so much fun getting to know them on the honeymoon and even planned a zip-lining course to do together on the honeymoon. We exchanged numbers and have hung out ever since in Nashville and Caitlin pretty much got me a job at Centennial. Yahoo!

Last Monday Patrick and Caitlin took us to dinner at The Southern (woah fancy!) in honor of Curt graduating and us moving away. They are too sweet!!!! We have loved getting to know them and they have become some of our greatest friends! Who knew you could meet friends in Antigua :) We are truly going to miss them but know that they will always have a place to stay in Knoxville when they come for UT games! Love you guys so much!


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