Wednesday, September 3, 2014

COMO weekend!!!!!

I have not been back to Columbia, MO since I graduated college. I repeat--I have not been back to MIZZOU for over 2 years!!! Kelsie (one of my best friends from college) got married a couple of weekends ago so it was a great reason to finally get to visit! I had a fabulous time road tripping to Columbia with Lily, seeing one of my best friends get married, eating at some of the best restaurants, visiting with lots of friends, walking around Mizzou's campus, and visiting with lots of friends..did I mention that yet??!

Blastoff reunited!! Our first apartment together was 321 :)

Beautiful...Kelsie might be one of my most favorite brides to watch get married!

We loved the photo booth!

We found out the morning after the wedding that Kelsie and Caleb stayed at the same apartment complex that we were staying at. (thanks Olivia!) How funny!

I made a pitstop in Cape on the way home and got to spend the afternoon and bath night, haha! JK...but Brynn and Emory had a lot of attention, ha!

Love this girly!

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