Saturday, January 25, 2014

Random...and because I have to post pictures of Brynn and Emory when I see them..

We got back from Dallas around 5 on Sunday and I stayed and hung out with the family before Dad and I left around 7 to drive back to Nashville.  I got to hang out and see Emory attempt to roll over :) and I for sure got in some good snuggle time with Brynn while we watched Frozen on the computer. And then we danced to Frozen for what seemed like an eternity. Too bad I don't have a pic of that. Or a video. 

And a big thanks and shout out to my dad for driving me back to Nashville. I have the best dad! Thanks for staying and hanging out and going to the grocery store with me too. It was so much fun! Love you!

So cute!!!!

She was sooooo into it! She would not take her eyes off of the movie!

She tried to look away... haha

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