Friday, January 10, 2014

The Cotton Bowl!!!

I got to go the Cotton Bowl!!!! 

So Erika's husband, Tab, is in charge of the chains for the Dallas Cowboys and since the Cotton Bowl was being played at the Cowboy's stadium, Tab was in charge of getting the crew. AND he asked Dad and Ryan if they wanted to do it...uughh duh, YES!! So then Dad said I had to go to watch them. At first I didn't know if I would be able to but he made it happen, thanks a MILLION dad!!  

I flew down ALL BY MYSELF (I've never done this before and was incredibly nervous but I did it..I'm really proud of myself, you can be too :) ) the day of the game and then got to go to the game with Erika, Whit, Mom, Dad, Ryan, and Tab.  It was so much fun!!! We ate some Mexican before hand, yummy!  We had an extra parking pass since they were on the chain crew so we got to give it to strangers at the Mexican restaurant.  And then they SECRETLY PAID FOR OUR ENTIRE MEAL! It was so awesome. Nothing like that has ever happened to us and it was just so special and cool!

The game was great! and WE WON so it made it even better!!  Our seats were pretty high in 3 rows from the top, hahahah but you could definitely see the whole stadium! During the fourth quarter when it was getting really exciting we were able to move down to a much lower section to watch the game so that was fun!

It was such a fun trip! It was great seeing Erika and Tab and their kids and staying at their new house which is beautiful by the way!! Can't wait to see them all again soon when I FLY BY MYSELF again next week for the Beth Moore trip!  Love my family!

I ran into Nicole's family at the Nashville Airport before I even left, such a small world!

So excited!

Ryan, Tab, and Dad before they changed into their uniforms! They felt so cool! hah!

They look legit.
Me, Erika, & Whit
The girls :)


  1. Love that opening picture! What a fun time we had. And I am proud of you too for flying down all by yourself..Thank you Tab for an amazing experience. Always wanted to do a MIZZOU football game and to get to do it in front of my fam was really neat. Looking forward to seeing you this coming weekend. Love you.

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