Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's Eve

This New Year's Eve we finally had legit plans well kind of legit...plans that consisted of going to a friend's house to play games, eat food, and watch the ball drop :).  Sounds pretty good to me! I had to work New Year's Eve but I actually got off about an hour early so we got to Josh and Amanda's house around 7:30.  

**Side note** The day before when Josh talked to Curt on the phone, I asked what we were wearing and Curt said that Josh said we were wearing comfy clothes.  Well Curt lied. So we showed up in our sweatpants and t-shirts and the other 2 couples looked cute.  I was so mad at Curt!!! Ok well not really, but kind of!  So I made everybody at least put on sweatpants to make me feel better, ha!

We played some head band game where you had cards on your head and your team had to make you guess what the card said, it was so fun!!

So here are a few pictures from our fabulous, low key, sweatpant wearing New Year's Eve.

Brandon (a pharmacy friend) and Lauren (his wife)

The guys--Curt, Josh, and Brandon

The girls--Me, Amanda, and Lauren

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