Sunday, January 26, 2014


Curt and I were both off on Martin Luther King Day so we celebrated by taking a walk outside. The weather was beautiful, like 65 degrees. And as I currently write this it is 5. Gross. But back to MLK day. I told Curt I wanted to walk 3 miles but by the end of it he got bored and decided we were going to climb a tree instead. And by we climbing a tree I mean him because I literally couldn't do it. It was soooo hard. I use to pride myself on my upper body strength but I guess that was in fourth grade....  

I got nowhere and almost fell on my butt and then it was Curt's turn. I was looking down at the phone trying to get to the camera and the next thing I know he is WAY UP IN THE TREE!! Who knew my hubby could climb trees.  Just call him Curtniss.

That was as far as I got. :(

Yes, that is him at the very top!


  1. He has always been a good tree climber! That is the reason my closet is not any bigger, he begged us when he was little and we were adding our bedroom on , not to cut down his favorite climbing tree. :-)

  2. Linz, good thing YOU were not in the Hunger Games. They might have got you pretty early.Still love you though.