Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I have not seen my best friend from college in over a year and two months!!!!  We met in college and lived together all four years.  I was the maid of honor in her wedding and that was last time I have saw her.  Last Friday I got to pick her and her husband, Chase, up from the airport!  Lily and I both got married last summer and I moved to Nashville and she moved to Dallas.  We obviously still keep in contact and talk on the phone a lot but seeing her in person was absolutely awesome!

I picked them up about 1:00 on Friday and we headed to one of my favorite spots for lunch, Baja Burrito.  We ate some delicious lunch and then headed to downtown Franklin to walk around the cute little shops!  Chase was a trooper because they were for sure girly shops.  It was so much fun! I definitely got some good Christmas ideas!  Then we headed home to see Curt and hangout a bit before heading to dinner.  For dinner we went to one of favorite spots--The Pharmacy Burger.  We had about an hour wait.  We relaxed outdoors at one of their tables set up for waiting!  It was awesome!  The food was absolutely delicious!!!!!  It was a super fun night of catching up and enjoying each others company!!  We met up with them for breakfast in the morning before heading to Knoxville to take the annual family picture!  

Lily and I are hoping to see each other again in January!  Love and miss Lily so much already and can't wait to see her soon!  Thanks for visiting Lily!

Lily and I in downtown Franklin--soo cute!!
I saw this at a store in Franklin.  This is going to have to be a future DIY project--how cute!!

Lily, Chase, and I--this is how it used to be in college because Curt was in Nashville.  They always let me
 be the third wheel :)

Todd, Curt's friend from school, dropped by to hang out too!

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