Monday, October 21, 2013

Another Cape Weekend Visit...well more like a week visit!

This past week, my mom, grandma, and grandpa came to visit for a day and then I rode back with them to Cape and spent the rest of the week/weekend in Cape.  Curt drove over Friday after he finished his rotation!  We shopped, did some Christmas shopping, hung out, looked at houses, had a bonfire, went to Grandma's, watched football, went out to eat...the list goes on and on!! It was such a fun week!  

We drove back to Cape Wednesday night and mom, dad, and I caught up on a bunch of shows (Survivor is sooo good this season!) and just relaxed.  Thursday I  got up and headed to Whit's house to spend the day with her because mom and dad were working. I got the privilege to take Brynn to preschool and pick her up!! It was so fun!  Whit and I (and Emory) then got Starbucks and just relaxed.  Dad came and met us for just a bit :)  Then we headed back to Whit's house so she could feed Emory.  We did some more errands that afternoon and then headed back to my parents house.  Dad made chicken and wild rice soup, one of my new favorites! So yummy! And so Fall-ish!!

Friday morning we drove to Grandma's house to have lunch.  And let me tell you this lunch was like Christmas!! Grandma had it all!!!!!!  Including my favorite--okra! Yahoo!  We hung out for a bit and Grandma fixed a dress my mom had just bought when we went shopping. That night we had a bonfire! Surprisingly it was legit, ha!  We roasted hot dogs, ate chili, made smores, and drank hot apple cider!! Brynn was loving the roasting part!!  That night we also did a little Ben Affleck-Gone Girl movie stalking.  They are filming this movie in Cape; it was so neat to go and watch a bit!!

Saturday we woke up and had family pictures taken.  I think mom got a little stressed but our outfits looked so good!! Hopefully the pictures turn out ok! :)  After pictures we went to Whit's house to watch Mizzou play Florida and UT play South Carolina.  Curt was so stressed and I literally prayed that UT would win because I could not take Curt being in another sad mood; the week before was horrible, ha!  Thankfully--they both WON!!! Yahoo!!! It was a great day for the Jenkins/Bandermann's! (Mizzou is now #5 in the BCS..what????!!) That night the four of us plus the kiddos headed to Pagliai's for dinner and then went and ate some frozen yogurt (my parents were at a wedding in STL). After frozen yogurt Brynn took a bath and then I gave her her first haircut.  Yes you read that correctly! Whit and Ryan actually let me do it!! It was just a little trim but it looked better and was so fun! Probably one of the highlights of the weekend.  Unfortunately I don't have any pictures :(. After the hair cut I got to put her to bed!!! So fun!!!! We read and sang songs; such special memories!

Sunday was baby dedication Sunday so we got to watch little Emory be dedicated! So sweet! We watched some football, relaxed, and headed back to Nashville.  It was such a fun, busy, crazy, great family visit! Hopefully we will be back soon! Love them all so much!

Taking Brynn to preschool--it was picture day :)

Enjoying our Starbucks

Playing dress up at mom's before dinner.  I tried out Whit's Mobi?? wrap.  Interesting contraption:)

Brynn loves playing dress up with our old dance costumes; it is hilarious!

Brynn wants everybody to dress up...

At Grandma's on Friday--of course we had to take a ride in the golf cart.  Brynn is an OK driver.


Snuggling to stay warm!

Brynn roasted this hot dog for Curt when we were waiting for him to arrive, hahahahahh

Awwww ;)

Emory had to stay inside but I don't think she minded

And then we stalked!

The car they were filming had like 20 cameras attached to it!

You can't really tell from the pic but the director was about 15 feet in front of us!

Planning our outfits!

Family picture time! Can't wait to see how the actual pictures turned out!

Emory and I matching in our navy and white

Brynn painted my toes while we watched football--I'd give her job about a B-, ha!

She took a costume home, ha

UT about to attempt a game winning field goal--he couldn't watch...

They won!!!!! Kind of a gross face but he was so proud of them :)

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  1. Ha Ha! I love that you prayed for UT to win because you couldn't take Curt if they didn't! Also, now that I know you can cut hair. . . Mollie needs you to trim her's!