Saturday, October 12, 2013

Family Picture in Knoxville

Yes I am just now getting to last weekend!  It has been another busy week!  Last Saturday after we had breakfast with Lily and Chase, we loaded up the car and headed to Knoxville to take the annual family picture.  This year the theme was light pink in honor of baby Amelia being born! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures but I'm sure there will be some soon! After we took our pictures we all just hung out and relaxed and watched the UT game!  The whole family was there and it was so much fun to have everybody hanging out! Sunday we went to church and did some more relaxing, eating good food, and watching football :)  Pretty darn good weekend! 

Watching the UT game in the Man's Room! Amanda was wearing a super cute UT colored dress!

Anna (Curt's cousin) and Andrew apparently got a hold of my phone :) 
Mollie took a nap during the game

And I got to feed Amelia during the game!
She was really excited about the game...

Curt and Andrew :) so cute!!
Curt then asked Mollie if she wanted to take a picture with him....hahahahha!
Instead she wanted to take a picture with me...I knew I was the favorite, ha!

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