Sunday, October 13, 2013

Another Date Night! I promise we have friends!

Friday night Curt and I had another date night.  I literally think all of our friends were either out of town or had family in town.  We decided to do dinner and a movie. It was super fun. We had a gift card to Maggiano's (thanks Mom and Dad) so we decided to use it! It was super delicious.  After dinner we had a little time to spare before the movie started and the theater was right next to the mall so Curt and I did a little window shopping, actually Curt bought me a pair of earrings, yay! Then we headed to the movie, apparently we should have skipped the shopping and gone straight to the movie because it was packed and we sat on the second row but it was still great. We saw Gravity; we both really liked it and would recommend the movie! Afterwards we took the long way home and looked at cute houses even though it was completely dark outside :) Great date night!

I don't know if you can tell but I am wearing an owl necklace, thanks to my MIL, Debbie.  It was hers when she was younger and she gave it to me, sooo cute!
This restaurant gives you an entire portion of a different pasta to take home, soooo awesome!

2nd row!

Super fun date night :)

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