Monday, September 16, 2013

Trip to Knoxville

We haven't been back to Knoxville to see Curt's fam in a while so Saturday when I got off of work we headed that way and got in around midnight.  We knew it would be a quick trip but it was so worth it!  We haven't seen Amanda and Clay and the kids since June so it was great seeing them!  It was obviously great seeing Debbie, Mike, and Betty too but we had just seen them on our trip to Springfield :).  And of course we had a big family dinner to celebrate everybody being together!

Sunday morning we woke up and went to church, went to eat at Aubrey's for lunch (Curt's favorite!!), and then I took a nap before Amanda and Clay and the kids came over. That nap was definitely needed because those kids were rambunctious but that's the only way we would want them to be!! :)  

We then ate a delicious steak dinner and enjoyed peach cobbler out by the pool while Andrew swam.  Yes he was cold but he was not about to admit it, ha!

Unfortunately then we packed our bags and everybody headed home.  Hopefully we will get to do it again soon!  It was a wonderful Sunday! 

Me, Mollie, Andrew, and Amanda in the playhouse that Mike built.  I wish I would have taken more pics of it because it is awesome.  This would have been my dream growing up. 

Clay and Mike grilling :)

Andrew and me :)
Andrew's favorite thing to do with my phone....swap faces!  CREEPY!!! haha! Actually I think I look pretty cute as Andrew :)

Andrew started karate.  He was teaching me moves!

And Mollie loves ballet :) this is her staccato spin move :)

We had a small photo shoot 

Attempting silly faces

I guess Andrew left Mollie out of that one, haha


  1. You are a terrific Aunt, (Plus being a wonderful granddaughter in law and as well as daughter in law.) We all love you Linz. Your g-i-l is so proud of your blogging!!!!

  2. Loved that you made the time for your visit!! We love you!

  3. ha ha! I love that you were thankful for a nap before the kids came! Loved seeing you guys!