Monday, September 23, 2013

Meeting Baby Emory!!!

Friday when Curt got done with his rotation we loaded up the car and headed to Cape Girardeau to meet baby Emory!!!  It had been almost a week since she was born and I was dying to see her!!!!  We rolled in just in time to meet her before they had to head home for bed!  Baby Emory is precious!!!  And identical to Brynn as a baby. Seriously. Identical.  

It was such a fun weekend of just hanging out, playing with Brynn, catching up with family, holding Emory, and even getting in a little fall shopping.  Thanks, Mom!  We obviously couldn't get out and do much because Emory still isn't allowed out of the house but it was wonderful to just relax at home :)  The big girls did get out on Saturday in the absolute beautiful weather and take a little walk! Absolutely wonderful!!  I was waiting for my mom to throw her hands up in the air praising God for the weather and family :)

I had so much fun getting to see my family and Curt and I were loving the delicious food!!!  Can't wait to see them again soon, I hope it's not too long or Emory will be full grown, haha!  Love my family so much!

Curt holding baby Emory!!

Mom wanted a family pic.  Even though we were all wearing sweats pretty much?? haha  This is literally a video taken and then we took a screen shot.  It was comical.

I think Brynn might take after her mom and be a cheerleader; I'm still pushing for tennis!

Sweet baby Emory

Yep, looks identical to Brynn

Take #1

Take #2 on our walk, much better! ha!

Playing dress up with my old dance outfits! So cute :)

Making silly faces; I'm pretty sure Brynn just ate a couple of M&Ms. 

Cutest moment of the trip:  Normally Brynn will be a little iffy about Curt.  This weekend Curt asked if she would be his girlfriend and then she immediately parked herself in his lap and asked for a pic :)

So so precious!!


  1. That video photo turned out great!! Emory is precious!

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  4. Yay!!! Lindsey..I LOVED reading your blog and catching up!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new car!! I bet it knows how to drive ALL the way to TX to visit me?? I also loved the crockpot recipe. I'll have to give it a try!! You and Curt are just too cute. I didn't know Curt had this infatuation with phones?? What is that?? My kids want I-Pod Touches for Christmas...does Curt have any ideas for getting those cheap??? #needhelpsavingmoney #santaisn'trich #heycurtaretheseworking Love and Miss you guys!! XOXO