Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dad's Surprise 60th

Curt and I were headed to Cape for Labor Day Weekend for two reasons.  The first was for Monica's bridal shower.  The second was for Dad's surprise 60th.  His actual birthday isn't until September 19th so he was totally shocked!! hahahahahah!  It was great!  The party was scheduled to start around 5-5:30ish.  My parents went to a wedding reception at 3:15 so Whit, Ryan, Curt, myself, and my grandparents (thank goodness they were there!) had less than 2 hours to get everything done!  I was sweating profusely by the time guests started arriving... gross. 

But getting past the sweat and nasty feeling...the party was great!  At the time, I thought my dad might be upset because he was adamant about not wanting a surprise party but overall he loved it!

As the party was winding down Brynn decided she wanted to paint nails.  It was fun and I love me some Brynn but I was starting to get that nervous hectic feeling about things spilling and the messes that were being made.  Once again, that solidified my feelings about not getting pregnant right now, ha!

After everybody left Brynn had a couple gifts to open from my super sweet mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law.  They wanted to get her a couple gifts to open since Emory will be born soon.  And let me tell you she was in heaven!!!!

It was a great Saturday night!  Once everybody left I think I might have fallen asleep instantly again...that seems to happen a lot..

Happy early birthday Dad :)

I didn't get very good pics of his surprise face, but I think he was more in shock :)

My mom was loving it!

He still loves me :)

She was celebrating in style!

This is that nervous/hectic feeling!! ahaha!

She loved it!

I have seen that sticker book numerous times since then

And she loved the nail polish in the purse Debbie!  This is her thank you face :)

Some reading before bedtime, love me some Brynn


  1. I am so glad your Dad was happy with his surprise. We are all thankful he is back to his healthy self!! Brynn is too cute!

  2. God is good. SO happy he was here to enjoy the surprise. Good pictures and the cake looks delish! You know how we all LOVE birthday cake. Can't wait to see you again.